The most striking documentary photography: Bangladesh whores desperate life (map)

according to the data of the United Nations children’s fund, the world about 1.8 million minors are forced to work in the sex trade, in developing countries such as Bangladesh, the situation is particularly serious.

photographer GMB Akash photo shows these whores desperate life: madam to attract clients, even using steroids (Oradexon) for cattle fattening drugs ripening them, make them more plump and more attractive, and hide their real age. Steroids in Bangladesh is easy to buy, but also very cheap. And this is a used in the treatment of severe arthritis, asthma and allergy drug, may do harm to health, long-term use of lethal. Unfortunately, many girls and didn’t have a chance to choose, can only let the drug slowly damage their health. Akash hope his these photos, will help to better protect children from sexual assault and sexual abuse.

photographer GMB Akash: & other; I am lucky enough to become a photographer, vulnerable people are able to use pictures to record life, let them not be forgotten by the world, at the same time, also let me find their own goal and the significance of life. Throughout the &;

this group of Bangladesh whores (Bangladesh: The oldest profession in The world destroys The mattress of young girls) has won The United Nations children’s fund 2010 third year pictures.