The mystery of the Japanese anime popular in the world: have a dream without “indoctrination”

astro boy, doraemon, conan, beautiful faery, altman, crayon small new, saint & hellip; & hellip;

at the mention of Japanese anime, I believe many people will blurt out many well-known cartoon image, the animation works, not only added good memories for many people’s childhood, because there are a lot of people love them and learn Japanese, learning Japanese culture. , so to speak, after years of development, cartoon has become an important soft power, Japan is not only the outside window on the Japan, but also the world accept an important channel of Japanese culture.

have not valued & other Soft power & throughout;

anime in Japan, have been considered part of the mass culture, pampered but is set at a suit, but in the ten years ago, is not for official attention.

in 2001, Japan promulgated the cultural revitalization of the basic law, although mentioned animation and cartoon, in which the focus is still the traditional culture. Japan had tried to promote outward, is strong can, leek etc has Japanese characteristic of traditional art. The Japanese cultural department or ministry of foreign affairs on a web page, and even can’t find anything about the content of the animation.

ironically, as americans to help the Japanese & other; Found throughout the &; The value of the animation, the American scholar Douglas & middot; McGregor has published an article in the journal diplomatic, praise, including animation, Japanese popular culture influence in the world is not due to the economic downturn and ebb tide. People in the United States this & other; Highly & throughout; By the Japanese authorities. After 2004, the cultural department began on a web page propaganda of Japanese anime, then Japanese prime minister junichiro koizumi has set up a council of cultural diplomacy, the animation as main product to promote the “soft power”. In 2007, the foreign ministry set up the international manga award, 2008 will also be A doraemon named & other; Anime cultural ambassador & throughout; . But in fact, at this time of the Japanese anime, already in many countries & other; In-depth childishness & throughout; .

anime is mass culture from the beginning, has a solid public and industry foundation, the government had no intention to cultivate or protection. Since the 1970 s, it has been in the competitive environment, with Europe and the United States cartoon culture through their own efforts to gain the recognition all over the world.

as insisting that anime & other Goods & throughout;

Japanese anime can popular in the world, and commercial operation.

animation industry output value in Japan, more than 70% of the total cost of the world. Japanese anime in the process of development has not been given any grand significance and the goal, is a kind of commodity. The only purpose is to market and interests. And the fierce competition between publishing houses, companies, and arouse the creativity of the author.

publishing industry in Japan, the youth journal “youth Sunday” and “juvenile jump” was a competitive three comic professional magazine. And in the field of animation, such as Japan, Fuji TV, TV asahi half-dozen private television station, have their own exclusive animation programs, competing audience, such as Japanese TV detective conan, TV asahi “doraemon” and “crayon small new” has been going on for many years.

Japan have also played a part of animation game industry promotion. Companies such as nintendo game with cartoon characters as the theme design, so the audience can have more opportunities to contact with the experience, increase the viscosity of anime characters. And all kinds of cartoon logo derivatives, from toys to articles for daily use, further expanded the influence of anime. Of course, also bring huge benefits for animation creation company.

I like stroll cartoon bear Rirakuma stores in Japan, its derivatives include action figures, computer speakers, hold pillow, ball-point pen, t-shirts, soft stools, even liquid soap container. In the development of merchandise, the Japanese businessmen end to almost all of the imagination.

from the point of the history of Japanese anime, in the early postwar, the Japanese anime is obviously lag behind the us, but after a few years has made rapid development, its reason besides cultural factors, can only be attributed to completely commercialized operation, the success of the Japanese anime, to a great extent, is the power of the market.

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lovely, dream, & other; No infusion & throughout;

Japanese anime has a very wide range of audiences. The usual concept, animation should be the exclusive product of children, Europe and the United States animation basic fall into this category, such as “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck” winnie the pooh, etc., and Japanese anime adaptation object is much more widely, there is relatively suitable for children, such as the ultraman, but there are also more & other; For young and old throughout the &; , such as “conan” crayon small new “. Hayao miyazaki’s “spirited away”, “the valley of the wind,” and so on, its performance techniques and the ideological content, has been far beyond the European and American definition of animation. Like American movies, Japanese anime audience extremely extensive, could be sweeping the world a kind of culture phenomenon is hardly an accident.

with even a minimal understanding of the Japanese anime people will notice that many eyes are very big Japanese anime characters. Astro boy, the little lion in the forest emperor leno even conan is big eyes. Lovely image, can inspire & other; Love & throughout; Psychology, this is a kind of human nature, and the design of the Japanese anime characters, fit it.

Japanese scholars believe that the Japanese culture and European culture and even Chinese culture is different, the European culture and Chinese culture with symmetry, the grand beauty, while the Japanese culture with asymmetric, immature for its aesthetic features. Japanese anime character is precisely what the characteristics, the characteristics of the asymmetry and immature and precisely match the person at young stage characteristics, making this & other; Lovely culture & throughout; Children not hindered by many countries.

in addition, the subject of Japanese anime hero class very much. Such as astro boy, super doraemon, but in both children and adults, has become & other; Superman & throughout; In the dream. Across the frontier and ethnic, therefore, the Japanese anime can get a huge number of fans.

the attraction of Japanese anime, but also because of its unique cultural psychology.. Japanese anime researchers believe that the anime is American movies & other; A smaller version & throughout; And from the representation techniques, is & other; Mature form & throughout; And to illustrate a point. For the most part and the Japanese anime, it is difficult to clearly identify what to illustrate the point, such as “sailor moon” “saint” and so on. This technique is a type of immature children, or a lack of clear boundaries between self and others. And this without instilling & other; No boundaries & throughout; , it is easy to let readers & other; Throughout the play &; . Japanese scholar said that western culture is the separation of subject and object model, and is an essential feature of Japanese culture & other The boundaries between nature and people throughout fuzzy &; . Created this culture prompted the Japanese anime character has obvious & other; Unity of subject and object & throughout; The characteristic, let the reader easy to resonate.

along with the gender expression has & other; Meaning & throughout;

of course, the Japanese anime is not without meaning of education.

the author visited & other; Tezuka pest anime fair & throughout; Tezuka, pest control is a pioneering figure after world war ii, the Japanese anime. Many of his songs are written reflected the reflection to the war and hate. Tezuka pest’s masterpiece “astro boy” is a strong anti-war content. “Clever ikkyu” also contains the kindness, friendship and help others, to punish evil and so on are & other; Meaningfulness & throughout; The content of the. Hayao miyazaki’s film, environmental protection, peace, is even more impressive.

the key is how to convey the meaning of education. Evaluation of a cartoon works, can induce it has many meanings, but to push it back, let the work to express a certain meaning for the purpose, are often difficult to achieve a goal. The success of the Japanese anime, partly because it is rooted in public and market, did not carry too much in advance & other; Meaning & throughout; , optional the gender is very strong. But along with the gender expression, rather than & other; Serious & throughout; More can move the heart.

& other; Throughout the &; If be the only content of anime, actually lost the meaning of the anime itself. Anime is the carrier of satisfy the imagination of children and adults, this is the biggest function. Lively and entertaining, it’s probably Japanese anime for the rest of the animation industry development of some important enlightenment.