The name to “defend marriage” The federal court ruled that support gay marriage again

China news agency, San Francisco, June 5 (Reuters) – a journalist dina liu) on June 5, local time, the federal circuit court of appeals for the 9 announced that no longer review California proposition 8 case of unconstitutional. The ruling means that further clear the way for the legalization of gay marriage in California. Supporters of proposition 8 said to their cases to the Supreme Court.

the ninth circuit court of appeals in San Francisco, California. 5 in the morning to make the decision. In June is gay, the governor of California brown announced over the weekend of June is & other; Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride month & throughout; The ruling undoubtedly brings good news for the gay community and supporters. To same-sex marriages in 2004 the first valentine’s day wedding certificate prior to the San Francisco mayor Gavin newsom cheer leaders have issued a statement, etc.

California proposition 8, which is by the California voters in November 2008 to 52% of the vote to vote through a local proposal, the proposal advocated marriage is a man and a woman, prohibit same-sex couples.

in 2009, two lawsuit against same-sex couples, to call for the abolition of proposition 8. In February, the ninth circuit court of appeals panel of three judges ruled 2-1 proposition 8 in violation of the constitution about the content of the affirmative.

proposition 8 filed and supporters of the request to the court, asking ShenPanZu 11 judges to trial, instead of only decided by the three judges.

court announced today that most of 26 present judges said no longer to check that there is 2 months. This means that the action so far about the proposition 8. This also means that supporters of proposition 8 only to the Supreme Court for final solution.

to & other; Defend marriage & throughout; The name of the supporters of proposition 8, said it will immediately appeal to the Supreme Court.


lawyers said the Supreme Court will decide whether the trial in October this year.

federal circuit court of appeals in 1 in Boston, Massachusetts on 31 May also make a ruling, that prohibit same-sex couples married in violation of the constitution.

May 10, Obama became the first President to publicly support gay marriage.

now have eight states and 1 dc allow same-sex marriage, New Hampshire, Connecticut nigel states, vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, ai state, Washington state and Washington, dc.