The nanjing massacre against crime survey in 1945 295882 kinds of the Japanese crime

& other; Nanjing, the first area within the territory of the people suffering from the enemy casualties throughout the questionnaire & killing and because of the enemy atrocities; Was used by the relevant authorities to investigate statistical form one of

& other; National history of the future, will this unprecedented tragic story, detailed records, bearing and the later generations. Throughout the &; In 1938, argued that an investigation into the Japanese crime of huang yanpei seer said. As will be destroyed. The Japanese surrendered in 1945, shortly after, a study of Japanese crimes investigation, including the nanjing massacre, immediately in nanjing city. Special investigation agency established by the national government successively carried out the survey statistics, by February 1946, statistics relating to the Japanese troops in nanjing massacre, injury, rape, capture and destroy, forced to serve as well as the island, hasegawa total of 29 Japanese troops crimes such as 295882 kinds.

recently, the research history of the nanjing massacre research experts, nanjing archives librarian Xia Bei exclusive to the yangzi evening news revealed the little-known, remembered and worth one’s history.

original documents

two well-preserved Japanese crimes investigation files

on December 13, 1937, nanjing broken, WuChangDe is nanjing a policeman, 37, Pi county in jiangsu province. 15, he hid in the judicial yuan refugee shelters, distracted, hope to be able to escape this fate, but in the end he didn’t escape bad luck.

the yangzi evening news reporter saw a in nanjing archives & other; The enemy crime survey & throughout; And the table & other; The victim & throughout; A bar then write & other; WuChangDe etc. More than two thousand people throughout &; . Records showed that crimes are at the beginning of December 13, 1937 in nanjing, the Japanese island forces, specific & other; Crime person & throughout; Is the force & other; More than 30 throughout & officers and soldiers; .

file describes the Japanese massacre WuChangDe details of more than two thousand people, such as: & other; Because of the force into the city the next day in the judicial yuan (refugee shelters) found more than one hundred police uniform, more than three hundred, and merged more than one thousand people, a total of more than two thousand. So, xu at 1:00 PM, the Japanese will be altogether with people such as road 4 columns, twelve planes with machine guns and rifles escorted hanzhongmen, each line separate living around tied with rope, rushed to hanzhongmen gun for external use only, has not the dead, the dead and injured by its use of wood burning gasoline. Throughout the &;

the yangzi evening news reporter saw, the respondents of this questionnaire is: yong-qing Chen, whose identity is & other; The capital throughout the national police agency DuChaChu audit &;; Survey date is November 1, 1945.

if WuChangDe police identity is the Japanese harm its & other; Reasons & throughout; , then broken when nanjing, Japanese troops to the weak student, will it slightly differently? Nanjing archives provided a live & other; Nanjing week will by lane 16 & throughout; Xu Jingsen murdered files.

on December 5, 1945, investigators found Xu Jingsen Chen Guangjing parents Xu Fu told, when & other; Throughout the capital dries up &; , and he was still studying the Xu Jingsen hid in located in nanjing gulou five lane in the 4. Unexpectedly, on December 16, 1937 in the morning, suddenly came four wear & other; Island & throughout; Armbands of Japanese soldiers. Suddenly, a dozen, including Xu Jingsen youth was rushed to the outdoors, were taken to a generous lane in the square.

& other; At dusk, just a place, the square meter has tens of thousands of youth. In addition to the enemy in the choice of youth on the loose clothing shoe is about hundreds of people with machine guns massacre in a nearby the pond, the rest noted for captive belt, thus to effect without notice. Throughout the &;

later, a young man fled back to inform, that day that night, the Japanese will this group of young people and to the coal port of nanjing, & other; With rope tied up with machine guns massacre, namely pushed into the Yangtze river & throughout; .