The national cultural history: old guangzhou is disappearing

a nation to the great shrines, must learn to respect history. Where is the history? History is everywhere. In the city of my life, you each by a bygone era of old building is one page within easy reach of living history, through history and now.

since the 1990 s, dozen & other; Development is the absolute truth & throughout; Banner, cities across the country are trying to build a higher, newer, more modern ocean rocks (or postmodernism) & other Signature & throughout; Building for & other; Throughout the development &; Seek representational footnote. In this context, historic buildings in guangzhou Jin Lingtai, wonderful tower demolition incident was an accident is inevitable. According to the latest news that developers have been forced rehabilitation of Jin Lingtai, but new is a fake. This is a wake-up call for us, if not timely changing ideas, old guangzhou and even the whole of China, customs, history, life will disappear in the boundless in the buildings together with the old buildings, we will become a rootless people & hellip; & hellip;

was founded in 1916, guangzhou agency before & other; The police of the republic of China & throughout; Buildings, in September 2011 was demolished

old regression of

two thousand two hundred years ago, when the first of the south China sea chief tao stand in yuexiu mountain, four jams, lifted up his eyes he can see, what a picture? There is great river before such as the sea, on the vast, with giant foreign; Yunshan, such as screen, and maturity, and the five ridges. Between heaven and earth to open up wasteland, diving to fly the kite, a high mountain water long magnificent spectacle. Tao, ling chooses this piece of land, for mountain city, with water to pool, to build their homes. More than two thousand two hundred years have passed, the ancients, from one generation to another in a sea of negative belts of the land, the net together till Gu made, built around from land, sowing the seeds of life, and bear all the fortunes of the rise and fall, from,, gain and loss, rich or poor, equal, good or ill luck, life and death of the real life, always, no breath stopped, experienced the weathered, own worry, finally built the majestic today but the bustling metropolis of & ndash; & ndash; Guangzhou

this is a city with a story. Every street, every alley, with the years vicissitudes of life. Reminiscent of light filial piety road & other; From guangzhou, first light filial piety throughout the &; Folk songs, the west village han is also the a wisp of fragrance of jasmine (Liu Jia from han dynasty to south Vietnam, jasmine with seeds, lingnan beginning of jasmine. Nishimura is Liu Jia landing guangzhou.) , for south han blue waves, white fairy lake street named, the six banyan road is known as the northern song dynasty su dongpo calligraphy, at home with the southern song dynasty Cui Yuzhi Cui Fu street in silence, lectured at thammasat road have chan joshui in Ming dynasty, in the China road can listen to the academy in qing dynasty master a model, review the republic of China in the era of the world of mortals noise in QiLou Street??

although has left many learned scholar who lived in ages past ShuoXue footprints, also produced a lot of world-class HaoShang businessman, but he is a common city guangzhou in his bones. Those who grew up in the granite alley in guangzhou, who may not know Li Maoying is, but clearly remember in the lane that sell popcorn uncle, he is like magic magician, poured rice into a black big iron eggs, and then shook the bellows, push in the fire. After a few minutes, the black iron eggs wrapped with sacks, open, only listen & other; Peng & throughout; A loud, whereas white smoke rises, pour into delicious popcorn, put half a street is sweet. It was the smell of his childhood.

maybe they did not even have heard the name of the chan joshui, but remember street the grocery store, the bulk of soya sauce, soy sauce, mature vinegar, vinegar, with big glass bottle filled with, layer cascade folds on the shelves, a bamboo are hung outside each bottle of cylindrical spoons, whether you buy a kilo in soy sauce, or five white vinegar, two or three two cortex periplocae, clerk spoon scoop, always more, no less, ZiZhu correctly, it is the man of god also. Which child to buy soy sauce, temporarily forget how much to buy, the clerk will say, & other; Is half jins, every time is to buy half a kilo of your home. Throughout the &; Buy five yoo food of children, if on the way to steal to eat, he hasn’t got home, my mother already knew from the neighborhood, the fork wear a waist is waiting for him at the door!

maybe they don’t remember howqua, but clearly remember the candy store, school, opening on the counter with a row of glass bottle, full of colorful candy, no packaging, looks more real, more attractive. That is the color of his childhood. Who want to buy, the shop assistant open the lid of the bottle, with a small shovel shovel on a pair of, get you wrap paper Angle, sometimes with one or two words plum, let you feel surprise. Then shop don’t have the cash register, money in a basket hanging in mid-air, clerk hand a help after receive money, then pull down the basket. Looking for redemption, a let go, basket and back into the air.

maybe they would forget the Pan Shicheng, but clearly remember those naughty street children, often lie to the neighborhood kids ShangJieKou medicine shop to buy & other; Board of medicine turtle & throughout; , hiding in the side. & other; Board of medicine turtle & throughout; Is to the drugstore clerk laughed at, if who really went to buy & other; Board of medicine turtle & throughout; , the clerk will face with the back, raise your hand into a dozen, the hapless child scared flee ignominiously. But also didn’t see which kids really be played, because everyone’s neighborhood.

it all, just like a picture of a street life full of poetic and sentimental figure, has now faded. & other; Old city reconstruction & throughout; Sports changfeng, guangzhou people quiet life, gone from now on. Here a developer’s paradise, here is a paradise for designers, shall have the right to reform the city people, to & other; The highest & throughout; As the beauty, & other; The biggest & throughout; Pride, pursuit the world’s tallest building, the largest square, the width of the road, the most luxurious opera house, the most expensive.

use glass packaging & other; The cement forest & throughout; , is of the potential, to expand its territory. Hook machine, rolling forward, blast, the old house is large, many local flavor of traditional architecture, swept away; Was coated with thousands of old street old & other; Open & throughout; In front of word, and then like bulimia snake beans, was instantly swallowed. & other; Lane & throughout; , & other Fang & throughout; , & other Throughout the &; , & other About & throughout; , these constitute the basic unit of the city, once will one day disappear completely, one can only find their meaning from the dictionary. Decades of old neighborhoods, the villagers had to all things, even meet when have leisure tea break up the sound, the children of judah in the ears, but the familiar figure has been swallowed up by the traffic on the rolling.

the modern guangzhou experienced three massive wave of urban renewal, before and after the first time in 1918, the second time in the early 1930 s, the third time since the 1990 s, has high temperature not to go back. Built in the second wave QiLou Street, most disappeared in the third wave.

1993, as was broke ground in guangzhou metro line 1, zhongshan road long QiLou Street almost leveled by all; In 2007, there were & other; Guangzhou is the most beautiful old street & throughout; Er ning road, be incorporated into & other; Li wan xintiandi & throughout; The old city reconstruction project, vigorous demolition began, 183 old people signed a petition, calling for protection, ning road, trying to use their faint sound, leave a little old for future memory.

however, reality, nothing can stop to hook machine dread. In March 2003, the official requisition of guangzhou university town, known as & other Guangzhou only a piece of pure land no intrusion by modern industry one thousand & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Dell wai wetland, only one year of time will be erased from the map, is a large modern university campus building and covered with asphalt. After 2007, because want to host the Asian games, there are more of the old city reconstruction project in a hurry to horse, more villages and farmland, was also washed away by the urbanization wave, hunting down, xian DE village village, either; In November 2010, the guangzhou Asian games down the curtain, but the project is still hot. In 2012, removed YangJi Village also inevitable.