The net friend draw dumplings “world map” : Japan Germany Italy eat dumplings

online drawing & other; Throughout the world map of dumplings &;

the dumpling is the traditional food of the Chinese nation, as a stuffed pasta, its rich nutrition. Recently, everyone online a net friend, named 翟文喆 compiled a & other; Throughout the world map of dumplings &; , the net friend said after watching that in addition to China, many other countries also eat dumplings, just eat and practice different from country to country.

翟文喆 shows from around the world with a simple picture form dumplings, by Internet users. & other; Throughout the world map of dumplings &; Still in the finishing, Internet users in the list of map, covers 20 many kinds of dumplings, there are Chinese all kinds of dumplings, and all kinds of characteristics of other countries & other; Dumplings & throughout; Small, square dumplings, such as France, Japan, the color of dumplings, and Germany tile his own dumplings, etc. & other; Throughout the world map of dumplings &; , wonton and baking steamed stuffed bun also count into dumplings, are introduced.

the reporter understands, dumplings have different characteristics from around the world. Seafood is commonly used, for example, the Japanese and ginger mix do stuffing, eat the dumplings, Fried, it is actually more like Fried dumpling, also deserve to go up when they eat fish soup. Russian dumplings is large, they commonly used beef, carrots, eggs, Onions do stuffing, also like to add some pepper, at the end of the dumpling is large, boiled dumplings with beef bones soup, soup is the first course, eat dumplings is the second course. There are different shape of the dumplings, such as Germany, his own dumplings are square. Italian way of boiled dumplings and Chinese, but they make dumplings is the surface pressure into a strip, put a scoop of a spoon filling, on the edge of the surface touch water, again with the same good rest one another together pressure, finally a all open with a knife.

net & other; Throughout the world map of dumplings &; Said after an eye-opener, & other; Always thought that only Chinese eat dumplings, thought way of foreigners eat dumplings so colorful. Throughout the &;

in jiangsu province food industry association secretary-general Yu Xuerong said when accepting a reporter to interview, dumplings originated in the spring and autumn period in China, then through various channels to spread to all over the world. & other; With the spread of food culture and economic exchanges, dumpling has been spread to all over the world, the local people according to their own eating habits and preferences on dumpling were improved, therefore, many foreign dumpling shape, practices are not Chinese. This is a typical diet culture phenomenon. Throughout the &; (comprehensive)