The new book called the most famous serial killers “jack the ripper” is a woman (FIG.)

former British lawyers think morris liqi & middot; Williams (pictured above) is & other; Jack the ripper & throughout; (page screenshots)

international online features: according to the UK on May 8, the daily mail reported that the British in his new book, a former lawyer recently declared that history’s most infamous serial killer & other; Jack the ripper & throughout; Is actually a woman. She has many murders committed crimes, because she can’t have children.

on August 31, 1988 to November 9, & other; Jack the ripper & throughout; In the east end of London to cruel has killed five prostitutes, also cut off 3 of them in the womb. The 62 – year – old former lawyer John & middot; Morris said in his new book, John Morris), was born in wales liqi & middot; Williams (Lizzie Williams) is in London & other; Jack the ripper & throughout; . Lizzie is the British royal family doctor John & middot; John Williams (John Williams) wife, also many crime experts consider & other; Jack the ripper & throughout; The main suspect.

think morris, Lizzie killing those prostitutes because she herself unable to conceive, in & other; Insanity status & throughout; She dug up three of the victims of the uterus. Morris argument include: five killed prostitutes have been sexually assaulted. A victim’s personal items are to & other; Women habits & throughout; On their feet; A victim of a pool of blood found 3 women boots small buttons; A man named Mary & middot; Kelly (Mary Kelly) murdered prostitutes in the fireplace at home found women dress, shawl and hat, these are Kelly not through. In addition, Lizzie are motivated to kill the kelly, because kelly affair with her husband.

this book is morris and his late father Byron (Byron) finish together, called “jack the ripper: women’s hands. Two people carefully studied thousands of medical and legal documents, finally come to the conclusion that the murderer is a woman. Morris said: & other; Ripper is undoubtedly a women, but because everyone think that the murderer is a man, so the evidence to women are ignored. Throughout the &; IfengLogo (Shen Shuhua)