The new “journey to the west” the punchline The Monkey King was born naked no fur

a closely watched zhang jizhong version of “journey to the west” since last night in the east, zhejiang, tianjin and other four TV national premiere, the 60 sets of new & other; Westward journey & throughout; For grew up watching the 1986 edition & other After 70, 80 & throughout; , there is no doubt that’s going to be a trigger a collective resonance & other; Nostalgia trip & throughout; .

new & other; Westward journey & throughout; Lead & other; Throughout the punchline &; More

a new version of “journey to the west” has launched in terrestrial channels, after viewing lasts hot. But many viewers into the line, scenery, special effects, such as talking about quite a lot, have the audience called the actor model for & other; Throughout the world of animals &; , & other; Lines too shocking & throughout; , & other Sun wukong crying, too much like qiong precious jade play & throughout; And so on. To this, the producer zhang jizhong, search for love and blame the audience, he is very confidently declared that the new “journey to the west” is & other; Throughout China the coolest effects show &; .

although in the beginning of introducing controversial, but with the development of the plot, the audience also gradually entered the & other New westward journey & throughout; World, for the interpretation of the profound Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism culture essence and applauded. Grew up and those who have looked at the 1986 edition of the audience is now gradually turn 30, at this time to see the new “journey to the west” but don’t have a taste in the heart. With the audience, & other; All say remake is bad, but the new remake of “journey to the west” is a rare. Original let us miss, because when we are young, and the emergence of the new, like give us a rite. Throughout the &;

& other; The monkey was born & throughout; Look very scary

relative to the two sections of the journey to the west & other; Big heaven & throughout; With & other; Throughout the west &; After the people for the opening & other; The monkey came out early & throughout; The impression of relatively vague. Last night, however, started the new “journey to the west” in the first two focus, zhang jizhong started a bold subversion attempts. The play, the Monkey King was born, naked without fur, black shiny, created a new and unique Monkey King was born. The audience thinks, the modelling of the Monkey King was born, it looks like the & middot; harry potter the & in the other Voldemort & throughout; And ate a peach to grow hair. After watching the first set of trailers and reporters also noted that when the old gentleman on too in the blast furnace is samadhi is tried in the fire, the Monkey King will restore again & other; Voldemort & throughout; Am. However, some of the Monkey King thriller. Our correspondent binny