The new license: yueyang tower ji fan zhongyan dark TengZiJing false reform false prosperity

on September 19 (Reuters) literary critic Wang Honghua in data processing of the yueyang tower “. He fan zhongyan qingli periods from the perspective of multiple failures were the opinion of the New Deal, the reflection to the more important than the reform is to resist the social popular buckish pseudo wind opportunely, awakening conscience upright officials and intellectuals, so to adopt literature “the yueyang tower” shouted out & other; Grieve first and rejoice afterwards & throughout; The historic epigram. He reconstruction of value system, in the bottom of the society the general public in the countries all over the world the highest level of the world for the home. Compared with mencius’s & other; LeMin, sorrow of people sorrow & throughout; More profound. Fan zhongyan encourage inadvertently ZheShou Wang Honghua also think TengZiJing ba ling county, his & other; Logical administration and, BaiFeiJuXing & throughout; Is the, the language of light or dark, false to the reform, is speculative. The original is as follows:

a, fan zhongyan see previous yueyang tower as a brothel, dongting lake for geisha

I’m YueYangRen, often with my father when I went to visit yueyang tower, each time to ask: why do fan zhongyan only write of dongting lake, don’t write the yueyang tower, digress? Dad said: the eyes of the elders as a dog, focus on the movement of things, dongting lake is a movement, from zhaohui evening Yin, spectacular, as for the yueyang tower, it stands one thousand, did not move, TengZiJing rebuilt only increases its old, carved a few pieces of poetry inscriptions. Is essentially a don’t want to repeat previous narrative.

go to school, the teacher led us to visit yueyang tower, and ask the same question, the teacher said that the function of the yueyang tower is the view, although also be human landscape, but from belongs to the natural landscape of dongting lake, built by dongting lake, famous for dongting lake, not beside the point. Cui Hao’s “yellow crane tower”, is also write hanyang tree in the distance and the parrot chau.

in love, walking with his girlfriend yueyang tower, continue to cross-examine, she said, the yueyang tower here is very open, the concept of the yueyang tower, including the yueyang tower, and ling county and dongting lake. If compared the dongting lake to a dragon, yueyang tower is a dragon’s eyes, the eyes can see in the distance with the body, but not the view. Moreover, the characteristics of ji wen is even, outside in the specific scene of inner abstract emotion and attitude. It doesn’t matter as long as there is a good conception, a little distracting.

ask ah q, looking for ah, see their children to ask me again, this year’s summer finally realise, fan zhongyan is not at all like the original yueyang tower, also don’t agree with TengZiJing building rebuilt yueyang tower. Just now that you have built, or it is necessary to write an article in time to the right name. & ndash; & ndash; Negation of negation. After the yueyang tower in van Wen Zhenggong opinion but is removed a solicit customer dynasties out affair materialistic & other; Brothel & throughout; , dongting lake is just a drop-dead gorgeous and moody & other Geisha & throughout; . To rehabilitate, now is the evil being, become people accept spirit baptism of the holy land, benefit the people. This is also the only way out of the yueyang tower with true colors.

2, TengZiJing serial show for achievement, fan zhongyan with rare bright or dark fall

we must first manage to recognize that fan zhongyan was a very lonely medieval warriors, no bosom friend, bad company. He and TengZiJing is only HuanYou, not alter ego, although with a jinshi (emperor song zhenzong of large and medium-sized few over eight years), with royal xixia, then almost as been relegated, but two people serve the integrity, running strategy and reviled reason is different. TengZiJing qingli periods for four years had been falsely to use the money and fallen migration ling, fan zhongyan qingli periods of five years because of qingli periods, fail and fall in the opinion of the New Deal. Is the essence of the relationship between two people, after using the van and van wary of dealing with vines. So TengZiJing to fan zhongyan and written in the book are not a invite friends to word, simply introduced the history of the yueyang tower and & other Extremely XiongLi & throughout; , & other The broad fee & throughout; The present situation, finally also said: & other; Would like to “dongting autumn rainy night figure” a book with Zhi, wade fine long hair, or something to help. Throughout the &; Afraid of fan zhongyan to your door. As old friends save trouble? No, worry about good friend peep out a flaw.

earlier and fan zhongyan, too, were pleased, quickly look at the picture in opinion take college composition wrote “the yueyang tower”. But you are using me, I also elaborate you, skirt around it. Fan zhongyan to write and read the text, TengZiJing first & other; The old, carved, tong Yin poetry today on it & throughout; After, & other; Belong to the composition to remember & throughout; That TengZiJing rebuilt yueyang tower includes two aspects of hardware and software, just & other; Increase its old & throughout; , that is, enlarge the scale of its construction (such as in building north new yan public building, the worship Tang Chaoxiu zhang of yueyang tower); Soft is to increase the number of the original poetry and articles, including letter of fan zhongyan, please write this article.

Fan zhongyan no

but then describe any building of yueyang tower, does not compare yueyang tower of the old and new, just say ba ling wins in the dongting lake, and then compare the change of rain or shine; To move the guest dynasties and their poetry is, think is nothing more than two classes, by myself, there is lack of himself, there is own lucky blissfully unaware. Note that there is two of irony, a mood is not the weather, decided to climb buildings, but its content of the gain and loss, external and cloudy but it is the projection of the inner feeling; Second, & other; Even more, pet is glad to forget the shame of the breeze, wine throughout its pleasant goat yi &; The & in the other Pet is glad to forget the shame & throughout; Is the irony, actual it is humiliating to forget and pet, for pets, by things like. With the above & other; Worry about fear clause 2 & throughout; Relatively.

you can see, fan zhongyan TengZiJing rebuilt yueyang tower and don’t want to do this, move the guest dynasties, don’t tell the duller ex-governor of beauty and ugliness is the same, just want to use taxpayers’ money to send more, and to take more of a pet. It is also true, yueyang tower after a stern, others to congratulate the TengZiJing, he replied: & other; What was? Only lean on big – number field. Throughout the &; The cute and sad ah, really is SAO than dynasties.

it’s interesting that ouyang xiu almost at the same time also received TengZiJing suppress a rainbow dam water conservancy project about the record books. Since ouyang xiu not understand TengZiJing is, in the “suppress a rainbow dike, in accordance with the drawings and messenger oral made straight stroke, dam how important, how magnificent. Finally for TengZiJing integratation of Ming gravamen, said its overqualified. Fan zhongyan very alert, but did not fall into his trap, type only write is not about achievements of dongting lake, and in the final TanYue: & other; Micro, we who belong to? Throughout the &; Which means I can only to the ancients, in the real world to find fellow, you child Beijing is not my fellow. Ouyang, van two masters, know the zhu xi in the latter the evaluation & other Throughout history between heaven and earth first-rater &; Not far off the mark.

so, fan zhongyan why again in opening praised TengZiJing & other; Throughout the next year, the logical administration and, BaiFeiJuXing &; ? A string of Nancy again! First, only a year in office, logical administration and impossible to achieve, full-scale reconstruction is under way, at best, it was the best waste xing; Second, qingli periods the New Deal failed just because of the conservative resistance car, tang-dynasty trio colored glazed not xanadu, TengZiJing not the satrap outside system, can’t do the meteoric rise of the monolith. Indeed as expected such, must be superficial! Fan zhongyan and deal with a man as he deals with you, with the same surface light or dark. A CARES about the world is the man who is not with colleagues in the same boat, blow with each other. And has been falsely accused him with anja before dark cronies.

the next was a inversion & ndash; & ndash; & other; Is rebuilt yueyang tower & throughout; . Literally see TengZiJing is all industry revitalization, finally to rebuilt yueyang tower, culture after the economy first, first image popular project after project. The reality is that only did two things start working, in front of the built suppress a rainbow dam and the establishment of school (this letter please Yin teacher wrote “tang-dynasty trio colored glazed study”). If there are other stories, TengZiJing break will not hide, must ask around. And suppress a rainbow yueyang tower, dike’s main function is to prevent the flooding of rebuilt yueyang tower supporting engineering. So that is rebuilt yueyang tower to BaiYeJuXing illusion in the back.