The Nobel judges Ma Yueran: Cao Naiqian entirely folk language

malmqvist said several times in public, & other; In my opinion Cao Naiqian is also one of the most first-class writer in China, he and li, mo yan have hope to win the Nobel Prize for literature. But in the past 15 years no publishing house published his willing to things, because he wasn’t famous. Throughout the &;

appetite and sexual desire, these two essential desire of human existence for a certain part of the farmers hill areas in northern shanxi, was once a kind of what kind of state. I want to tell the people today and in the future in one hundred or even one hundred years later, some of your fellow some of your ancestors were so alive.

Cao Naiqian, 57 years old, born in shanxi during dismount valley village, worked as a coal mine coal industry and art ensemble instrumental music performance, now at the shanxi datong city public security bureau. Bet at the age of 38, because and friends, and began to write novels. To date, published several million words of literary works, of which more than 30 short stories translated introduced to Japan, the United States, Canada, Sweden and other countries. Is the author of short stories “the Buddha’s lonely” and “the village”, medium-length stories “tribal year”, novel “to the night think you can’t & ndash; & ndash; warm home kiln landscape” (published 2005 Taiwan world culture, has the Nobel Prize for literature by judge Mr Malmqvist translated into swe).

& other; Friend wood heart in response to the China times on Chinese writer hit the nail on the head when what time can get the Nobel Prize for literature: translation is better than the original, swedes worry than the Chinese. Throughout the &; Writer acheng wrote. Do have a Swedish than Chinese also worry & ndash; & ndash; The only judge of the Nobel Prize for literature, is proficient in Chinese Sinologist malmqvist.

as early as in 1988, died in shen congwen because cannot obtain the Nobel, obsessed with the works of shen congwen malmqvist countless times trying to persuade the Swedish academy make an exception and the Nobel Prize awarded to the dead, in the final round of insane to persuade invalid, he cried out of the hall, a 64 – year – old.

malmqvist didn’t hide to oneself be fond of of persistent, obsessive sometimes to & other; One track-minded & throughout; The point. In 1991, in Sweden malmqvist see journal of shanxi literature “to the night think you can’t” series of five articles, I saw the like. In 2005, has 81 – year – old man was coming from the Swedish came to shanxi, looking for the very few people know of the mainland writer.

just like many years ago to shen, no matter where in the interviews, malmqvist always said, this is & other; Throughout the living literature &; , & other; I, regardless of mainland China critics view of Cao Naiqian & hellip; & hellip; His use of language is sometimes very thick, very & lsquo; Dirty & rsquo; , completely is a folk, I think Cao Naiqian is a genius as a writer. Throughout the &;

Cao Naiqian 57, has been almost forgotten by the Chinese literary mainstream & ndash; & ndash; A peasant, a tone of folk singers can sing begging.

& other; Chicken chicken of Fried cake, board, who wouldn’t say it’s a good thing. Throughout the &;
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Cao Naiqian novel “to the night think you can’t write is warm home kiln of the people and things.

temperature kiln temperature prototype of north kiln village YanBei areas along the border with Inner Mongolia, is located in shanxi, is the place where Cao Naiqian in 1974 when the educated youth to jump the queue. At that time, the village peasants poor to even afford to shop kang mat, can only be spreading from kraft paper mines back, some even can’t get the kraft paper, only sleep in a heatable adobe sleeping platform skin directly.