The Nobel judges malmqvist slanging match Chinese poet dai li, li weng collected 136 errors

yesterday, the Nobel Prize for literature of the judges malmqvist wrote an article to the Chinese poet and translator li dai li’s statement “to change professions, dai li li”. In the article the malmqvist said he regretted the world has such a despicable character & other so-called The poet & throughout; Last year’s winner of the Nobel Prize, and points out that li dai li translation strong strom (hereinafter referred to as weng) poetry collected a total of 136 errors, li dai li should stick.

things to from dai li li, malmqvist, released last month directly accused malmqvist is no translator literary taste.

with the as a translator, weng malmqvist and li dai li why & other; Have been languishing & throughout; ? Yesterday, the reporter relates to both sides, malmqvist insisted & other; The translator is a craftsman, is the author of the slave & throughout; Li dai li, not qualified translation of poetry, he should stick. And li dai li believes in & other; Different context, the translator can throughout the poem to create &; Malmqvist should not be complacent, to hold the views of others.

wars begin malmqvist response to li dai li

& other; Active in Sweden Chinese poet li dai li published “say, malmqvist” for a young woman and the old man married three poems, let me know how he is a man of evil heart. In the past, I just think he is a bad poets, more bad translation. I am very sorry that I this world has a moral so despicable so-called & lsquo; The poet & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Yesterday, malmqvist said in blog articles, & other; The li dai li & lsquo; The poem & rsquo; As revenge tool, really be insulting only & lsquo; The poem & rsquo; (creation) throughout the matter &; .

malmqvist said some Chinese poets think translation is & other; To create & throughout; Attitude, dai li li and his translation methods and there is no such thing as an controversy. The question is whether he & other dai li li; To create & throughout; Weng works, wrong translation cannot be called a re-invention, cannot take more for & other; Poetic & throughout; . & other; Li dai li not qualified translation of poetry, he should stick. Throughout the &;

malmqvist published this article is aimed at October 27 this year, li dai li published in its weibo, malmqvist “. Malmqvist in it, he said in response to reporters’ questions at once said: & other; Comparing their translations, you will find a lot of mistakes, so, I need to own a book. Throughout the &; Li dai li thinks, malmqvist said, because he had said it was no translator literary taste.

scold battle each other two people fault-finding

li dai li had asked malmqvist in the article, & other; How do you put the title “the great mystery” translated into “the great riddle,” riddle, my Sinologist, not a mystery (you’d better go and check out the dictionary, a junior high school students don’t like you mistake). Throughout the &; Yesterday, malmqvist is also in the blog, posted li dai li translation error, the more the & other; Golden mushroom & throughout; Translated into & other; Candy & throughout; , & other; The new season throughout the &; Translated into & other; Throughout the spring &; And so on.

Chen Wenfen malmqvist wife tells a reporter, malmqvist expect justice, had to ask li dai li for a letter, didn’t get a response. He doesn’t want to put the matter told, weng weng couples are still know at last. Weng wife reply said that poetry is not a tool of revenge, li dai li too far. , weng also can’t accept the complete one hundred dozens of mistakes, hurt his poems.

Chen Wenfen told a reporter, li dai li translation complete a total of 136 wrong; The memory to see my prose memoirs 17 wrong; The black galaxy wrong three-quarters. & other; But I’ll post again tomorrow please comment on the translation of li dai li in “black galaxy (member of the Swedish academy ace mark’s poetry anthology), li dai li maliciously yue letter false accusation, it is a formal review of the report. Throughout the &;

yesterday, li dai li admitted that the translation of change, but, he argues, malmqvist said mistake thought was wrong, & other; According to the theory of malmqvist, li dai li at least 1360 errors. What makes malmqvist said that was wrong? Throughout the &; As to why the published articles to a young woman and the old man married against malmqvist lady, he said he just wrote a social phenomenon, without naming names, malmqvist is yourself accordingly.

for li dai li & other; Accordingly & throughout; Say, wen-fang Chen reply again: & other; Weng couple read out, this is who write! Throughout the &; And li dai li explained to reporters again, to write their own really not malmqvist lady, but otherwise.

in a

malmqvist gems & rarr; & larr; Li dai li response

malmqvist (translated) :

the escaped prisoner to catch

for a son he is full of

golden mushroom.

dai li li (translated) :

the escapees are caught

his pocket

filled with candy.

malmqvist explanation: & other; Kantareller (chantarelles) is a kind of very delicious of golden mushroom. Literature in Sweden, especially in the children’s books, this kind of mushroom has the important meaning of romanticism. Li dai li kantareller read into karameller, candy, and completely destroyed lost this haiku poetry. He was too love & lsquo; Be & rsquo; Words said he to the command of his native language is not good enough. & lsquo; His pocket & rsquo; Read a bit strange. Throughout the &;

li dai li response: & other; From the point of view of translation, candy and golden mushroom. Like good poetry, poetry should be integrated into their own understanding and experience, candy symbol of the good life. As for the golden mushroom, also you can write in Chinese. Maybe the swedes, after he read the text immediately understand, Chinese people don’t understand completely. Translated into candy, I have to make changes in the original, let the reader feel enjoyment, golden mushrooms, Chinese readers can’t understand, you’re never like candy, more lenovo, more appealing.

translation like to eat hot pot, to Sweden hot pot must be changed to slightly spicy. When translation should understand the national reading attitude, this is what I insist on translation, and good thing must have such a process, a different context. No translation by looking for the mistakes of others to confirm their greatness. Throughout the &;