The Nobel Prize will be announced Mo yan bei enters the bookmakers odds table (figure)

2012 Nobel Prize in literature will be unveiled on October in Sweden, a Chinese writer was gambling. Wang jianming/figure

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the Nobel Prize for literature in 2012 will be unveiled on October in Sweden. Recently, two of the world famous bookmakers Unibet and Ladbrokes has revealed its odds table, a Chinese writer, mo yan song’s odds table top and second respectively, which means that the gaming companies think mo yan is most likely to win.

if this list is an indicator of the Nobel Prize for literature? Chinese writers can award? Relevant personage, interviewed by reporters with doubt and awards in recent years are summarized.

Chinese writers are gambling on

it is reported that a writer on the odds table to the top, the lower the odds, means that gaming companies believe that the greater the chance of won the Nobel Prize for literature. Reporter from British bookmaker Ladbrokes odds table saw issued by the company at the end of August, Japanese writer haruki murakami to compensate ten top 1, mo yan list then to compensate for the first time 12, followed by south Korean writer also high silver to 14/1 odds the forefront, in addition to this, Chinese poet as regular into odds table again in recent years, the odds at 50/1, who directed the movie Balzac and the little tailor “integration of the Chinese director, writer dai sijie, with odds of 66/1 into the list. In Unibet odds table, MoYanZe with 6.5/1 of the low odds beyond 8-1 haruki murakami, at the top of the list.

in recent years, the bookmakers high hit rate. From 2004 to 2004, the company Ladbrokes had guessed that year’s Nobel Prize winner for three consecutive years, Austrian writer el Fried & middot; Jeremiah’s, a British author Harold & middot; Pinter and Turkish writer Abraham & middot; Pamuk. And the winner of the 2009 hertha & middot; And the winner of the 2011 Thomas miller & middot; Trump, romer, the winners are all odds table. So, this year Chinese writer whether a round & other; The Nobel Prize for literature & throughout; The dream? Reporter interviewed several scholars, it is generally said to bookmakers odds table for the prediction of point to do a prize is not scientific.

writers association, vice President of the humanities college of fudan university, Shanghai, professor si-he Chen told reporters, vice President of bookmakers odds table can be defined according to the European work circulation situation, can only explain list authors have recently been more mainstream European language translation, or European mainstream press in recent push their works, doesn’t mean they’re winning high. Literary critics check anno, said the more the lower the odds that the man who bought his, & other; Could Chinese people are very patriotic, too hope to mo yan the prize, and large-scale buying; It is possible that the gaming company to attract more Chinese betting & throughout; , so according to the price table to predict the Nobel Prize for literature is nonsense.

European writers award winning probability high

according to Nobel’s will, literature should give & other; Had to create has a tendency to idealism in literature works the best. Throughout the &; But what is & other; Idealism tendency & throughout; ? No one can explain. No wonder someone said: & other; The Nobel Prize for literature history seems to be a series of explain a vague words will history. Throughout the &; For evaluation of the Nobel Prize for literature, traditionally, there has been much controversy. Not only Chinese writers and the award, the bigger of the sound from the media, they attacked the Nobel Prize committee too & other; Throughout Europe centered &; , will award to get like & other; Throughout the European literary club &; , which makes the American writer disappeared from the list of the Nobel Prize for literature in recent 20 years.