The Nobel Prize winner glass new suspected anti-semitism Israel banned its entry

a Nobel prize-winning gunter & middot; Glass, in 2006 for his autobiography is ss, under public criticism. This year, he again because of a new book, in the past. On Wednesday, he was in the suddeutsche zeitung published poems “have to say things to criticize Israel against Iran expand government policy. Glass will be targeting the German government, accusing the German government did not dare to sin against Israel. He also to oneself on the issue of long-term & other; Silence & throughout; Do self-criticism and admitted he realized that he could face & other; Anti-semitism throughout the &; The charges.

write poetry originated from submarine events

glass in the poem MUSES: & other; Why until now I say what/when I’m old, saturated has failure/Israel’s nuclear weapons are making our already fragile world in danger? Throughout the &; His answer is: must speak now, because & other; Wait until tomorrow, everything will be too late. Throughout the &;

at the same time, the glass selection published this poem has its consideration. A vessel made by German submarines will be delivered to Israel, many German intellectuals deeply worried about this, they worry that this could be used to attack Iran nuclear submarines. Glass that, due to historical reasons, the germans in the face of Israel have been saddled with heavy historical burden and make them in Israel and Iran on the nuclear issue have been afraid to take a fair position. Glass recommends that Germany should not be delivered to a nuclear submarine Israel, he also asked in the poem & other; International organizations should be unhindered and permanently monitoring throughout Israel and Iran’s nuclear facilities &; .

the Israeli government reacted with

glass lines caused the Israeli government, so it is of great anger. Israeli prime minister Benjamin & middot; Mr Netanyahu on Thursday launched an attack on the glass, he said: & other; Gunter & middot; Glass in Israel and Iran are shameful moral fuzzy & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Mr Netanyahu to & other; Iran is a refused to acknowledge and threatened to destroy Israel’s holocaust regime & throughout; , he added: & other; Is Iran, not Israel is a threat to world peace and security. Throughout the &; Mr Netanyahu on the charges further evolution of the glass to the individual level, he points out: & other; In the past 60 years, Mr Grass covered up the waffen-ss he was German (Nazi) the fact that a member. Throughout the &;

glass poem has been interpreted to mean immediately & other Anti-semitism throughout the &; In the example. The format of the Israeli embassy in Germany to borrow glass poetry on the back: & other; Must say that on the eve of the Passover of the jews the anti-semitic attack has become a tradition in Europe. Throughout the &; Israel’s interior minister eli & middot; Eli yishai 8 publicly announced glass for Israel & other; Those who were not popular & throughout; And announced that in the future will ban glass entry, because glass & other; Tried to incite hatred flame of the country and the people of Israel, to further promote he publicly supported the idea when at ss & throughout; .

after the event, the glass of the suddeutsche zeitung said he should rewrite the verse, in order to more clearly show that he was opposed to the netanyahu government rather than the country of Israel. Throughout the &; He added: & other; I have always been supportive of Israel, I have been to Israel, many times, I hope it continues to exist and making peace with its neighbors. Throughout the &; And he thinks that, Mr Netanyahu has made Israel’s in danger.

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in Germany, the government and media views on glass, attitude is very complex. German foreign minister westerwelle said in the Sunday illustrated, compared to Israel and Iran is ridiculous, because & other; Israel is a democracy, promoting citizens’ rights and the rule of law, freedom, and responsibility. And Iran have been in violation of international law, refused to cooperate with the international community over the years inspection on its nuclear program. Throughout the &;

in Israel, the critics and intellectuals thinks, the criticism of glass raises an important question, namely the criticism of the government of Israel there are often described as & other; Anti-semitism throughout the &; The danger. Israel’s well-known columnist larry & middot; Dan says: & other; Gunter & middot; Glass are very brave to say the truth, to admit that my teenage had joined the ss is the expression of the brave. Through public criticism of the Israeli government’s attack on Iran, he is in the personal loss for most jews of Israel and the United States to follow Mr Netanyahu to the edge of the cliff. Throughout the &; Israel’s haaretz newspaper columnist Gideon & middot; Levy also think glass criticism of Israeli policy & other; Is not of anti-semitism, but in many people hold a view & throughout; , he points out, & other; We charge instead of people take the view, is inferior to seriously reflect on what led them to express this view. Throughout the &;