The north anchor chun-ji li to hearty laugh change before the Chinese New Year greetings style (FIG.)

north Korean anchorwoman chun-ji li to the Chinese New Year people

host: then we will see the remains of an acquaintance, she is still one of my colleagues at the same time. Among north Korea’s news, her face, and very impressive.

reporter: through the door, we finally to see north Korea’s most famous anchor chun-ji li teacher. Hello, spring her teacher.

chun-ji li: hello, very glad to see China central television reporters as the New Year.

reporter: nice to meet you, too, had been hoping to see you.

chun-ji li: so, thank you.

explanation: chun-ji li believes that each host should have its own personality, let the audience can tell at a glance. Broadcast matching and content, must want to read some news is full of militancy and some news is also not necessarily.