The northeast person wong laugh over the United States: shake a baggage sometimes need to wait for several years

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at the time of study in the United States, wong addicted to stand-up, he didn’t think of an Asian immigrants to tell American jokes in English, is how difficult. (wy/chart)

& other; In the United States someone laugh at your English pronunciation? Throughout the &;

& other; Laugh at my English pronunciation in the United States are Chinese. Throughout the &;

& other; Why it will be a few seconds before American talk show audience laugh? Throughout the &;

& other; Sometimes have to wait a couple of years. Throughout the &;

winter wear t-shirts wong at the fudan university speech, formal expression and witty answer lit the enthusiastic audience laugh. Because autobiography “cucumber yellow, watermelon in the west,” the publication of his home has toured in many universities, everywhere, all get the welcome of enthusiasm.

in the spring of 2010, the southern weekend reporter Arlington, a restaurant in Boston had an interview with Mr. Wong. At that time, wong was invited on the American late-night television ratings champions “& middot; David letterman show performances, performances at the annual meeting of the American broadcast television reporter also talk show, his performance video is spread on the Internet, is strength. Wong’s appearance and the same on TV, little man, wearing glasses, stretching his teeth outwards, and not asking it revealed strong happy feeling, a talk is a lot of people have never heard of northeast accent.

wong, Korea in 1994, the United States to study, to obtain the biochemical, Ph.D., working in the genetic model company, won the inhibit cancer gene patent. In quiet a bit tedious daily life, Mr. Wong addicted to stand-up, he didn’t think of an Asian immigrants to use English to tell jokes to americans, is a how difficult road. & other; Sometimes have to wait a couple of years. Throughout the &; Give voice to it is wong.

America do not need to be more a Chinese professor

in the winter of 2002, wong, 32, a sports bar called Hannah in Boston for the first time performing stand-up, people drinking, watching TV, someone play table tennis, bowling. Mr. Wong spoke in such a noisy environment for 5 minutes, almost no one laughs. A life in Boston comedian went up and said to Mr. Wong, I think you may be very interesting, but we don’t understand what you say.

wong jokes that night, there is only one later on can also be used: I decided to stay in the United States, because I also calculate a bit exotic here, can’t back to China. The joke be wong retention programs, performances at the annual meeting of the American broadcast television reporter also used in the talk show.

after eight years, wong audition and take part in the race, seize every opportunity to show. In the beginning, even win a voucher for $20 awards will also be excited wong. Sometimes, brave the wind and snow a few hours drive to the show, but nothing. Wong also was invited in the movie “the facial dance” run a bit player, that’s a looking for black girl fall in love of the role of Chinese immigrants.

one year wong birthday, his wife invited all the students in the United States, to wong crosstalk restaurant for his birthday, results only to the couple. Most Chinese think if go to stand-up club in Boston did not understand jokes will feel embarrassed.

crosstalk in career is not smooth, and soon after the child is born, wong was almost ready to give up crosstalk show, go back and continue to do research. But Mr. Wong thought: now I give up, how to explain to my son in the future? Still go on!

wong’s many Chinese classmates had many famous universities in the United States as a professor, he thought: the United States does not need to be more than a Chinese professor, and in the public media, rarely see Asian faces, Chinese people should try to break through in other areas. Wong’s power is through a stand-up, tells the story of the immigrants, the first generation of immigrants or due to a lack of language skills, or work too busy, immigration story has always been second or third generation immigrant, and Mr. Wong is to break a break this tradition.

time before the show, jokes to tell his wife first. Mr. Wong soon found that his wife’s the punchline and different from others. Just to a ground, for example, his wife has smiled, she saw his face, he guessed he jokes. & other; As long as does not match the environment, such as fruit in chat, immediately began a spacecraft, will make her laugh. But the audience outside, on the stage, there is no such effect. This is the humor in everyday life and humor are different places on the stage. Mrs. Now the punchline is very high, she turned on the television, most of the stand-up already does. Throughout the &;