The old man spent 30000 to buy 20 years ago “qianlong jade” identified as glass (FIG.)

on September 28, jade jewelry appraiser to introduce Hu Qing of true and false identification.


this is not what the treasure jade, is only a piece of glass


too obvious, it is injecting dyed jade, may value only a few yuan

The parties to a

heart finally yes, jade this thing, it is good to oneself like

years nearly 70 – year – old old man in chengdu Hu Qing (a pseudonym), 20 years ago to spend 30000 yuan to buy a piece of & other Jade & throughout; The money enough to buy a house at the time. In 2007, he has participated to henan treasure evaluation activities. Identified, the & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; Is actually a stained by injecting false jade, may only values dozens of yuan.

over the years, Hu Qing didn’t believe in jade pendant is false. Yesterday afternoon, he was careful to use paper up own jade pendant, came to the grass pond east road identification of a jewelry store.

about 20 years of qianlong jade is real or fake?

Hu Qing

in 1990, 50 years old like to collect jade, on this day, he sent fairy in an antique shop near the bridge after a & other; Ferro longevity & throughout; Jade pendant. Jade pendant about 5 cm long, edge grinding and process is relatively straightforward, like qianlong jade.

under the boss’s recommendation, Hu Qing will his wife and his savings together, spend 30000 yuan to buy this piece of jade. In the process of play, Hu Qing bought a few books about jade identification, and expert consulting a lot of, some people say that this is just a piece of glass, jade also someone says this piece of jade is priceless. Since then, the true and false of the jade became Hu Qing knot.

appraisal experts say is a piece of glass for the first time

in 2007, Hu Qing ride to zhengzhou, bring your own jade pendant in a treasure. Experts picked up this & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; Looked at it and it took less than 1 minutes to come to the conclusion.

& other; This is not what the treasure jade, is only a piece of glass. Throughout the &; Experts of this sentence let Hu Qing heart is cool, on the way home, he nearly collapsed, all the attention has focused on the jade, have lost their clothes and hat.

he once wanted to throw the jade from the window of the train to go out, but felt unwilling again, after all, the jade with her for so long. So he prepared appraisal again, looking forward to experts can change, said it was a real piece of jade.

identification of cwi said again or value few yuan

yesterday afternoon, Hu Qing carefully wrapped & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; And take a 15 years ago to spend 6000 yuan to buy the jade beads, came to the cottage north road identification of a jewelry store.

cwi picked up & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; Looked at in the sun and blurt out, & other; Too obvious, it is injecting dyed jade, may value only a few dollars. Throughout the &; See Hu Qing some not too believe that cwi again again in light and microscope to observation, jade also come to the conclusion that the false jade.

& other; You give me take a look at this. Throughout the &; Feel a little disappointed Hu Qing and leave the beads in cwi. & other; This stain is Malay jade, quality of a material is not as good as the & lsquo; Qianlong jade & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Cwi words, let Hu Qing second hit.

however, he froze and two seconds later, or two pieces of jade will be carefully wrapped, say with smile: & other; Knot finally yes, jade this stuff, it is good to oneself to like. Throughout the &; After this test, Hu Qing not as depressing as they did when they were in zhengzhou, after and cwi farewell, he quietly left the scene.