The old Shanghai socialite delicate revelation: soong was writing a love letter to pursue


at first, & other; Social butterfly & throughout; The commendatory word is widely used, the rich women shall not be called. & other; Social butterfly & throughout; With & other; Communication throughout the grass &; Strict essay lies in whether they accepted & other; Throughout society &; . Once there was a joke, & other; Social butterfly shape with agents, the latter to steal information for the purpose, the former to steal affection for his purpose. In one sentence to describe them, & lsquo; Social butterfly & rsquo; Is the lubricant of social gatherings and talcum powder, and it is gone with the colorful fringed whitewashes it. Throughout the &;

in general, people tend to presume that the old Shanghai socialite is the stunner in demimonde, they looks beautiful, enchanting body, good at flirting, perennial with officials from the idle rich businessman, rely on sexual maniac feed, material life is very prosperous, the spiritual life is abnormal emptiness. But in fact there is.

French writer megan & middot; Terry west (Megan Tressider) wrote in “the secret language of love” : & other; Traditionally, says the real beautiful socialite is not just a prostitute. & hellip; & hellip; In the history of the most successful social butterfly, many of them are outstanding culture, is very shrewd, matching with the talent they like to have power and influence. Throughout the &; A social butterfly is an seconds kill charming beauty, eyes is their bullets, a dance floor is a hunting ground, they hoped that the rich is their & other; Shoot-to-kill & throughout; The prey. Even the emperor of the French Louis xv became the socialite pompidou lady guest into the tent of meeting. Fireworks female cannot be equal to the real social butterfly, Balzac novel the socialite boom and bust “moxa silk in the moss, in the la dame aux camelias marguerite dumas novel, zola novel in” nana “nana, they are the rich man’s plaything, called & other; Social butterfly & throughout; But with fireworks woman do not have too big difference, with no comparable to those of the old Shanghai’s most famous socialite.

in those days, some of the first class hotel Shanghai like & other; Cable & throughout; , & other Throughout east Asia &; , & other Throughout the greater China &; There are ladies rented in & other; International & throughout; , & other The golden gate & throughout; And chinachem such premium hotel, women’s & other; The grade & throughout; Higher and longer leases. Most of these romantic mystery woman is eating & other; Youth throughout rice &; , they have a plenty of red dancers in Shanghai each big ballroom; Some in the past is a book, in the long hall child reds, after starting, be in-laws Hugh, had to work and come out for bees make adjustment; Have a plenty of running away from home, be the cage & other world income; Throughout the canary &; . They live a life of dissipation life, ostentation and extravagance, in black and white between the two, but they are at best & other; Communication throughout the grass &; , & other; Social butterfly & throughout; There is a difficult to narrow the distance. They will get & other; Social butterfly & throughout; Qualifications, light has a beautiful and charming ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings is still not enough.

at first, & other; Social butterfly & throughout; The commendatory word is widely used, the rich women shall not be called. & other; Social butterfly & throughout; With & other; Communication throughout the grass &; Strict essay lies in whether they accepted & other; Throughout society &; . Once there was a joke, & other; Social butterfly shape with agents, the latter to steal information for the purpose, the former to steal affection for his purpose. In one sentence to describe them, & lsquo; Social butterfly & rsquo; Is the lubricant of social gatherings and talcum powder, and it is gone with the colorful fringed whitewashes it. Throughout the &;


Chen Dingshan literature writer in his notes, “spring” old news “, the thirties of the 20th century Shanghai communication society, special label for the following several: & other; Shanghai socialite is famous for its communication, since liu xiaoman, delicate; Zhou Shuping, Chen Haoming then take over. (uncle apple) is king stamps weeks this microscope, Chen hao Ming) for (roc) ambassador to Germany Chen sugarcane green’s daughter. The door way gao hua, grace end coagulation, cover than tang (ying) and lu (young man). After the very faint, there is a YanMingZhu, Fu Wenhao, but the social butterfly stake with the stars with the flow. Throughout the &;

it should be said that & other; Communication throughout society &; With & other; Star communication & throughout; The two names has the very big difference in concept. & other; Throughout society &; Must come from big giant, even if is not luxurious life, his father ZuShuBo also get considerable political status and social prestige. & other; Star & throughout; Are not affected by this limitation, any woman SeYi manner, played a few films, sing a few songs, jump a few western dance, knows several foreign languages, can become a star, in communication occasions sought.

20 or 30 s of the 20th century, delicate and lu xiaoman, versatile, two people each do a sensational stir article on marriage. Lu xiaoman and Wang Geng divorce, remarry xu zhimo, don’t eat & other; West point & throughout; (Wang Geng graduated from the United States military academy at west point) and eat & other; Haining food & throughout; The queen, caused a stir as topic. Her chief kunduz, opium, and WengRuiWu inseparable, also cause a lot of criticism.

delicate than liu xiaoman small seven years old, born in 1910, her skin as white as coagulate fat, the beauty of the girls. Delicate than liu xiaoman more and more western style, this is lothario in the communication field of general evaluation. Delicate father Tang Naian study in Germany, it is Shanghai famous doctor, well-read. Delicate sister Tang Weigong in memory, childhood home cook alone, there are four, they do their job: two chefs (yangzhou cadastral couple) is responsible for doing Chinese dim sum, a chef responsible for western-style snacks, special responsible for food and a chef. This shows one spot. Their sisters to go to the PROM, and equipment are very valuable, jewelry, apart from a pair of delicate embroidered shoes is worth two hundred pieces of snow flower of ocean, then pull a rickshaw & other Camel xiangzi & throughout; From years of hard to the end of the year, it is hard to earn their a embroidered shoes. The life of luxury is breathtaking.

a saddle horse with gold, and the beauty of the dress be inferior to man. Delicate has ten gold big suitcase, expensive fur coat hung big cabinet, wear and wear. Delicate Tang Weigong recalls, her sister extremely pay attention to modify dress, even stay at home, three times a day also want to change clothes, wear short-sleeved sweater in the morning, noon a cheongsam, home in the evening have a guest visit, wear western dress. At that time the cheongsam rolled wide edge, embroiders variety on the piping. Delicate favorite a qipao on piping has more than one hundred pian-pian dancing butterflies, golden, silver thread embroider becomes yi yi is unripe brightness, buttons are burging ruby. Can say, clothing and so on, the fact French aristocrat miss all, delicate do not lack.

delicate designed with the tailor, her good memory, every time go shopping, see a new YangFu, buy is not satisfied, but the style memorize by heart, returned home to draw pattern, do some ingenious modification in some detail, and then said to the tailor use the best material to make. Such YangFu delicate to wear in the body, absolutely don’t have to worry about with any socialite & other; Bump unlined upper garment & throughout; , the level of its fashionable and halfback, others cannot.

in feminist weak s delicate are born lucky, enough to envy others. Her father and the father of the soong sisters Song Jiashu have a ratio, also by the influence of western civilization, tang to song home, is the standard of the Christian family, so not only preference, it is a little heavy light male female. Delicate growth in western family atmosphere, are so blessed, she stepped into the network, 16 adult girl is allowed to participate in social activities, don’t know & other; Traditional moral codes & throughout; What it is.

delicate graduated from Shanghai church school & ndash; & ndash; Chinese and western female sook, later renamed the school Santa maria girls’ schools, roughly, zhang ailing is a delicate alumni and the lower classwoman. Delicate both Chinese and English, kunqu opera singing do nice, acting first-class, attainments, particularly as a amateur stage for many times, the applause. In 1927, Shanghai women treat drama art assembly at the central theater used programs, seventeen delicate and 24, lu xiaoman as kunqu opera “picked up painting, delicate stage fright. The next day, newspapers sharply for two costumes, lu xiaoman rocking folding fan, delicate strut walks, hand is a hand, bring out the best in each other. On one occasion, the British royal family to visit Shanghai, delicate to play the piano, cantata kunqu opera, the thunder and luster over the members of the royal family. In the autumn of 1935, President of the university of delicate and hj LingXianYang in Carl’s performing the Peking Opera theater in English about Mr Vang, this is the English version of the Peking Opera performances for the first time in domestic. Not only look beautiful, delicate some skilled, Oxford accent and she speak English very authentic, she received, many female stars.

delicate slim and graceful, the skin white inside deeply red, like a water lotus, look elegant and free from vulgarity, even wearing a white robe, also can’t cover up the exoticism of nature amorous feelings. Pursue her not less than a group of men, among them, Yang Xingfo matrix reloaded so & other; The fighters & throughout; . Soong closer, write many letters, but have no opinion of politicians, the father of delicate, soong advantage of a rare month. Yang Xingfo desire is more bitter, for the kind, but he denied delicate points, eventually retreat.

like father, like son, sister and brother are also good? Delicate brother tang full figure making lu, handsome, great wisdom, is the most close to soong’s secretary. On July 23, 1931, soong north train station in Shanghai was assassinated, the assassin judge a book by its cover, the wrong object, shot and shot the soong tang full figure making room beside it. Tang Naian grieve, soong as disaster, how Ken betrothed her to such a disaster? Soong narrowly scrounge a life of Tang Guren both guilty in my arms, and gratitude in heart, thick with materials is little not, is achieved when the pursuit of delicate anchor aground.

delicate flower letter time namely from father & other; Traders & throughout; To marry in Shanghai NingBoJi HaoShang Li Yunshu childe Li Zufa. The students graduated from Yale university is quite interested with delicate beauty. Suitable, however, is not insurance, after marriage, husband and wife temperament round Rui square chisel, out of place. Delicate life is still like a duck to water, comfortable, pleasant socialite ostentation and extravagance, better than the beautiful scenery of the star, she was happy to continue to enjoy the treatment that ZhongXingPengYue. Li Zufa served as the general agent of a life insurance company in Shanghai, is good at business, than money, but he is not interested in literature and art, to his wife that take the socialite life like butterfly. Delicate and Li Zufa ended in divorced in 1937, they have a six-year-old boy Ming cho lee, is affected by the mother, the love of literature and art and fine art, later became the famous master of stage design. Delicate second husband is the prime minister of beiyang government Xiong Xiling nephew bear seven childe, aiu insurance company of China general agent, then the United States. The bear seven childe’s average in appearance, is a variety of big players, temperament active than chemical molecules, delicate see him as & other; Kindred spirit & throughout; , lead to & other; Soulmate & throughout; . Husband and wife have a strong spirit of entertainment, the combination of such natural happiness. In 1948, with delicate bear left mainland seven childe, TunLiu Hong Kong first, and later moved to the United States. The establishment of diplomatic ties between China and America in the 1970 s, delicate visit back to Shanghai, 60 old lady still Englishwoman, there is no beauty sorrow and visible her maintenance of body and mind.

as Shanghai’s leading socialite, delicate not to romantic to please people, her beauty, YiJing, elegant, taste good, marriage, her dress is elegant and halfback, Shanghai is the vane of fashion trends. At that time, women’s magazine “exquisite” is particularly encouraging new women aligning with delicate, put her as a role model, to dress, to communication, more to take part in social activities.

it is said that all delicate can overwhelm a socialite and despising the qunfang, because there are far less people more beautiful than her her clever, more beautiful than she smarter than she, like her smart and beautiful people and far better than her, she would be accounted for several advantages, naturally become the ultimate big winners.