The old Summer Palace more than once looted the relics estimated one million pieces

Beijing, July 2 (Reuters) the old Summer Palace of the academic committee liu Yang in at Beijing, July 2 video interview, yuanmingyuan relics were looted by foreign more than once looted relics estimated one million pieces.

the old Summer Palace more than once by foreign ransacked

when it comes to the number of yuanmingyuan looted relics, liu Yang looked very sad. The old Summer Palace, he said, is not only being looted during the second opium war, & other; Yuanmingyuan looted relics estimated one million pieces. But some of the cultural relics no label itself proved to be the old Summer Palace, one hundred years later we cannot tell. To those unable to distinguish, is actually known about yuanmingyuan was probably just ten thousand pieces of cultural relics, these are one hundred percent of the old Summer Palace is confirmed. Throughout the &;

lost cultural relics will difficult to statistics

liu Yang believes that the old Summer Palace diaspora to cultural relics are also difficult to statistics, even the British and French troops from that part of the cultural relics is also difficult to examine, not to mention and diaspora in Chinese folk. Because the French later return to France directly, and the British is the combination of the army, there are mercenaries, could be sold at that time due to the pay issue. A lot of cultural relics may not go abroad at that time, lost in the domestic.

in addition, liu Yang also pointed out that there are a large number of cultural relics are not British and French troops to take away, was taking such as porters follow came in at that time, also has come in the thief stealing. Yuanmingyuan around several big bandits, some unruly people also entered the yuanmingyuan taken part of the cultural relics. He said: & other; These part of the cultural relics, the number of the qing dynasty was recovered as much as 450 thousand parts, there is a small part of the hidden or changed hands. So the old Summer Palace relics is not a loss, the loss is very scattered, by now almost impossible to statistical yuanmingyuan flow exactly lost many cultural relics. Throughout the &;

why cultural relics loss is difficult to statistics

when it comes to the old Summer Palace relics losses during the second opium war, liu Yang was very helpless, said loss is hard to statistics in the sack.

in liu Yang’s view, it is difficult to statistics for three reasons. First, a huge number of yuanmingyuan relics have even become a warehouse, and not fully registered. Second, the qing dynasty royal gardens of the cultural relics are registered recorded, but only the display of the old Summer Palace file not found, may be it is not found, may have been destroyed by British and French troops of the fire.