The oldest building in wuhan “no shadow tower” : each stone has more than 700 years old


pagoda underlying figure of Buddha of eight sides have left it.

no shadow profile of the tower. Reporter YanJue taken

reporter MiaoJian taken

no shadow tower, as the name suggests, there is no shadow of the tower. In may this year, it included in the national key cultural relics protection unit, should not famous, but each stone tower, there is more than 700 years old, which is not the oldest building in wuhan, a little too much.

no shadow became a shadow towers

downtown in wuchang, wu no way t bridge station of hongshan park, one of the oldest buildings in wuhan city & ndash; & ndash; No shadow. Say it was the oldest, each piece of stone, each carved or built more than 700 years ago when the original.

18, a reporter from facing t bridge crossing arms no park entrance into the side of the road, along the park’s tree-lined paths, although is uphill all the way, but fortunately, the slope is very slow, hot summer, to walk in such a tree such as the park is very comfortable.

came less than three minutes, not to feel the comfortable, and have no time to catch my breath, because climbing lane on the left there is no shadow figure of the tower. Just now, still steaming noisy noisy traffic trunk road, while every place is a lush vegetation and the old buildings, let a person as if feel crossing. Although is a national cultural relic, but there is no such as journalists think it is very strictly protected, the tower is stone fence surrounding the maintenance, but there is no block, tourists can freely access, close contact with the more than 700 – year – old ancient building.

in the tower, the reporter found a small brand, introduced in & other; Whisper & throughout; Prompt people to its precious, & other; It is one of the important ancient buildings in our province & throughout; , probably because it is only this year was named the “national cultural relic, introduced the national haven’t had time to show it in a value.

reporter visited the day is cloudy, unable to distinguish the tower is worthy of the name & other; No shadow tower & throughout; . Meet a man passing by, asked him, each other laugh, how can have no shadow? Out of the sun, it and other building, has a shadow.