The oldest rock art history over 40000 ancient 40000 years ago

the UK and Spain, the researchers reported in some cave in northern Spain, according to the existing pattern of dating their history has more than 40000 years, making them become known to date the oldest rock, the rock art could be the ancestor of modern, also could disappear from already the neanderthals.

the team in a new period of the United States in the journal science reports that they surveyed in northern Spain 11 in cave paintings, using uranium isotope dating. Results show that some of the paintings at least 40800 years of history, this makes them so far the earliest known cave paintings. After the earliest known cave paintings is found in the cave in France, about 39000 years.

these paintings by whom? Leadership studies at the university of Bristol, UK experts alistair & middot; Parker said, the ancestors of modern activities in northern Spain traces can be traced back to 41500 years ago, at the same time there are also a Neanderthal man, they all may be the earliest known & other; The painter & throughout; .

neanderthals lived in Europe and parts of Asia an ancient human, disappeared about 30000 years ago, replaced by homo sapiens is the modern people. If these paintings are from the hand of a Neanderthal, they for the neanderthals had culture will be very valuable materials.

these paintings design simple, including spray the paint on the rock formation of disc pattern, and put his hand on the rock and then spray paint left hand form design. , the researchers said the early paintings mostly simple, then appear all sorts of complex graphics, that ancient & other; The painter & throughout; The art of thinking and ability in constant progress. Xinhua London on June 16 (xinhua 黄堃)