“The onion” election on March 10 yuan network hot words can only buy two root spring onion

youku tudou to get married, the network critical red & other; Merged entity & throughout; ; Green Chinese onion turns & other; The money throughout the onion &; Married life to eat; Rising oil prices are outrageous, & other; Brother oil & throughout; Fun can’t afford to injury; & other; Luxury train & throughout; Too much, a twenty thousand a few seats; Free & other; Du fu graffiti & throughout; Busy, life really not easy.

this afternoon, the world’s largest Chinese wikipedia website & ndash; & ndash; Interactive data released on March 10 hot Internet word list: onion to money, du fu, graffiti, merger, Mr Leung, the prime minister, house prices, luxury cars, leap seconds, oil prices, Bai Jing, white valentine’s day.


three & other; Price & throughout; Qi list & other; The money throughout the onion &; For

method late reporter found, the march ten words of the Internet, related & other; Eat & throughout; Price of vegetables, related & other; Live & throughout; House prices, the relevant & other; Line & throughout; Oil prices and so on three big consumer prices hot word on the list, it also illustrates the extensive concern of people for the price.

& other; Last year, a kilo of eggs is equal to three jin of green Chinese onion; This year, a jin of green Chinese onion is equal to two catties eggs & throughout; , & other; Before was put the chopped green onion pancake, now can be put on egg pancake & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; After & other; You malicious garlic & throughout; , & other Bean you play & throughout; , now in the farmer’s market to a & other; The money throughout the onion &; , many netizens began teasing.

for always as cooking ingredients of green Chinese onion prices suddenly, some citizens reflect cost 10 yuan can only buy two root spring onion, a pound of green Chinese onion prices can buy two jins of eggs. After prices shallot thunder over their meat and poultry and eggs, even became a table & other; The main course & throughout; , among the nobility. So the net friend to dubbed & other; The money throughout the onion &; .


& other; A piece of green Chinese onion price Catch a catties eggs & throughout;

recently, the method of late reporters came to interview litsun vegetable markets, on the rows of vegetable stall, selling green Chinese onion vendor is not much, even so, ask more, the price people buy a few, and as a substitute to green Chinese onion onion and garlic sprout became the object of people favor.

reporter interviewed several random citizens buy onion, most people said, now the price of green Chinese onion is a little high, can not buy will not buy, & other; If it’s a buy buy a two root. Throughout the &; Come to buy some food in the Li Dama told reporters, for the sake of & other Save & throughout; The use of green Chinese onion, & other; Common scallions burning carp, is a thick layer of onion before, now put a little less, taste the same. Throughout the &;

reporter in vegetable markets simply survey, for some of the larger green onion, 10 yuan to buy two very normal, a little bit size, 10 dollars can buy about five, so in some food stall, the boss in order to convenient and save time and effort, the five tree green bundled together to sell directly to the, & other; 10 dollars directly away and don’t have to say. Throughout the &;

& other; A piece of green Chinese onion price have caught a kilo of eggs. Throughout the &; Often buy food in the ZhongDaMa tells a reporter, since after the Spring Festival, gradually began to rise in the price of green Chinese onion, up to now has more than 5 yuan a kilo.

& other; Often do before spring onion eat scrambled eggs, green Chinese onion now cost raised, basically did not do this dish, to do garlic sprout scrambled eggs & throughout; , ZhongDaMa said, 2 dollars can buy a pair of garlic sprout, after go home, can cut off the second half of the garlic sprout as & other; Chopped green onion & throughout; To make.

10 words hits (time)

to money green 153780

prime minister house prices 136592


du fu graffiti

luxury train 109478

oil brother 105041


a leap seconds92188

Mr Leung85769

merge body

white valentine’s day 80243


Bai Jing

other hot word

du fu graffiti

du fu graffiti, is a use of comic spoof of the ancient celebrity du fu cultural phenomenon. A group of high school textbook of du fu illustrations & other; A spoof & throughout; Graffiti Internet hit. Be & other; Graffiti & throughout; Of du fu to carry a gun and drive a car, or even & other; Miss arms & throughout; And flick knife melons, by some netizens dubbed & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; .

merge body

in mid-march, video site youku and tudou to merge, an earthquake triggered the inside and outside and onlookers. With the fermentation, it is & other; Youku glanced at his potatoes and youku potatoes was born & throughout; To describe the merger of youku and tudou.

Mr Leung

on March 25, 2012, the Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive election, Mr Leung was elected chief executive, yesterday formally appointed under the state council.

luxury motor car

component prices are moving car parts: an automatic wash basin, 72400 yuan, 26000 yuan a marble washstand, an induction water valve of 12800 yuan, a toilet tissue boxes, 1125 yuan, finally combined into the total price as high as ten thousand yuan of whole toilet, 30-40 on March 5, 2012, the ministry of railways requires south car companies to respond to the media luxury car events.

a leap seconds

a leap second is to point to by the international uniform bureau of standard measurement or at the end of the year (probably in the end of the season) on & other; Coordinated universal time & throughout; Increase or decrease 1 second adjustment. In march, the Chinese academy of sciences announced on July 1, the national center for timing will be a leap second adjustment, will now 7:59:6 0 special moment.

Bai Jing

actor Bai Jing, starred in a xiangxi breaker many movies and TV shows. On February 28, 2012, Bai Jing in compound suspected by her husband Zhou Chenghai tied to death with the sword. Subsequently, Zhou Chenghai committed suicide.

white valentine’s day

white valentine’s day (March 14), origin have different versions, including the originating in the third century in Rome. Emperor of Rome on February 14th saved a pair because had to be put to death for breach of the love marriage ban lover, the Roman emperor in order to commemorate the day and set up the white valentine’s day.