The only only blind bing photos appear blind SuChang from taking drugs

bing’s former residence also retains the original appearance.

bing is one of the most international influence from wuxi in wuxi city center’s sky-high chung temple business district, to erect a bing statue, reflects his status and prestige in the city.

bing DiaoXiangTou wear hat, stooping, left hand, right hand holding the bow strings and low head, has been devoting full attention in put on the waist of the erhu. The statue to present an exaggerated dynamics, people seem to hear the erhu to float out of grief. As for bing’s appearance, but appear blurry. This should be the bing image of the eyes of most people, struggling to living in the bottom, with erhu accused the darkness of the old society, but saw more than did the old neighborhood, statues, unlike himself.

so, real bing how a person?

bing riddle 1 what look like?

the only existing precious photos show the most real bing

bing street performers often take on all her granddaughter ball in Shanghai

in recent years, wuxi archives, in wuxi city public security bureau and other departments in snowland, did everything related historical archives. After twists and turns of collection, saved a bing of wuxi city public security bureau household registration files, one file, there is a bing’s black and white photos, this is really surprising & ndash; & ndash; This picture is so far found only a photo of bing.

in the photo bing wore a hat, a thin face, bushy beard, like street entertainers of the republic of China in the image of the image. Impressive or his sunglasses, as former residence depicted in this portrait, this pair of sunglasses obviously higher than that of the left mirror mirror many right.

this photo appeared in 1947 & other; Wuxi county national id card DeCe & throughout; Bing and his wife’s pictures in it, it is two people accommodation registration & other Thirty-four library road & throughout; , and indicate the bing profession is & other; Playing & throughout; . Another file is built in 1951, registered permanent residence registration book, the page file shows the bing born on July 9, 1892, died in December 1950, the school culture, blind, professional is a Taoist priest.

register of the blanks on the same page, reporter noticed that someone with blue pen to write a line: & other; Hua bing as throughout the country music artist &; , words are traditional Chinese characters, the blue ink from the original register to fill out the black handwriting, estimation is bing died shortly after archive registration staff leave.

according to the archives, bing died soon after, his wife, wang also to death. File at the same time, it left a clue: bing and a granddaughter & other; Throughout her ball &; , born in 1944. Bing and his wife’s death, & other; Throughout her ball &; The household registration to emigration from now on. Wuxi city public security bureau of archives staff find that her ball is currently in Shanghai, contact information is unknown. But she was in April 2008, the black pottery wuxi local famous writer interview, detailed recalled of her memory & other; Bing & throughout; .

the original ball is her wife wang bing’s granddaughter, wang is her ex-husband died and bing together. Her ball about 4 years old, from father from jiangyin countryside to wuxi & other; After her father-in-law & throughout; (wuxi dialect, grandma and grandpa) here. & other; Father-in-law (bing) is pretty tall, with now have one meter seven several. He has a small plait, dish up again on the top of the head. Throughout the &; Her ball recalls, & other; The musicians father-in-law went out to the violin, always held by me to lead the way. I pull his clothes, as he goes along. Grandfather often teahouses in the park and takes in the square. Performed a I took their grandfather’s hat, looked around money. Throughout the &;

bing the mystery of why 2 in melody?

father is a Taoist priest, grew up in Taoist music

looks handsome, piano technique, called & other; Small tianshi & throughout;

bing bing near the statue’s distance, is located in chung temple, has now become an independent courtyard. The place that take the door, and a wall has a history of more than 700 years monument erected, which makes the entire yard more antique. Left a few house is the exhibition hall, introduce bing’s origin and its special music accomplishment. Exhibition hall door hanging above & other; LeiZunDian & throughout; Three big word, listen to the name will know it is a religious sites, the reporter is very strange: why did grow up here?

bing’s former residence memorial hall staff to explain, bing book called HuaYanJun, father HuaQing and hole is wuxi virtual GongLei statue of the abbot of the temple & ndash; & ndash; At the time of worship Ann temple is a place of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and Buddhism. Bing is a father and wuxi qin’s widow, according to the rules, HuaQing and can’t marry a wife. Therefore, bing since birth was sent to the countryside, until at the age of eight, came back to his father’s side. HuaQing and foreign said, this is home to adopt small Taoist, and call HuaYanJun HuaQing and also not & other; Father & throughout; Called, but serious & other; The master & throughout; .

so the dull ache origin for bing nature is ill-defined, mother at the age of he will depart from the world. A mother’s love, and the lack of domesticity and setting the stage for bing adults unruly life. For HuaQing and, like all the parents, he naturally hope & other; Son & throughout; To get ahead, this & other; The master & throughout; A cavity is a father for his HuaYanJun, 11 teaching “embedded”, “of” from top to bottom, practice calligraphy, their money.

as a Taoist temple abbot, HuaQing and proficient in Taoist Musical Instruments, but doesn’t want his son to retrace his path, but grew up hearing bing already like attacks. In desperation, HuaQing and strict teaching, bing has 12 years of age, able to skillfully use all kinds of instruments can for lent out at the age of 16, 19 will formally take part in Taoism music playing. Because looks handsome, piano art superb, bing is a lot of people called in melody & other; Small tianshi & throughout; .

memory at the beginning, her memory is more and father-in-law together of happiness, but for bing, then life’s centre of gravity is falling over how hard to maintain the livelihood of the family, for such a rare warmth beside, he is less attention and enjoy.

bing mystery why three blind?

because life lapses, infected with drug SuChang vices

economy, began to take to the streets to busk

from LeiZunDian, flank is a 3 meters high white wall tile, this is the home of the bing adults. The roof has maintained at that time, the room very humble, have a lamp that dusty lamp. Bing and his wife, the picture hanging on the wall of the next, looked up to see once the trace of the attic, staff of the memorial, bing and his wife lived in the attic.

journalists look at bing and his wife’s portrait on the wall, LeiZunDian that smart & other; Small tianshi & throughout; Gone in this gritty, dilapidated house, bing and his wife had a poor image, bing arm in Taoist head, bridge of the nose with a pair of dark glasses, sunglasses tilted, held high, looks is tie-in. Bing has been blind.

according to wuxi literature and history research experts, Lin hui ink 1925 & ndash; 1928, namely bing 33 to 36 years old, his father HuaQing and died, bing inherited his father’s footsteps, becoming LeiZunDian charge. & other; Because of life lapses, bing with drug SuChang vices, leading to economic living beyond its means, binocular blindness. Forced by life, bing started took to the streets to busk for a living. Throughout the &;

& other; Busk, bing often use & lsquo; Said the news & rsquo; Form, put in the teahouse, restaurant, dens, hotel, and heard the news in the newspaper, weave the rhyming words and, ring ferula, singing everywhere. Throughout the &;

Zhong Guifang is bing wife wang’s great grandson, the 77 – year – old told the yangzi evening news reporter, youth he was also like her cousin ball, on-off from jiangyin Gu Shan home come to wuxi, with & other; Grandfather and mother & throughout; . Zhong Guifang said bing & other; Sings good & throughout; , & other Few words at home & throughout; , he often goes to street to hold the father-in-law to busk, & other; Listening to people is more, but many don’t give money away & throughout; . Zhong Guifang impressed pinch of family life at that time, he said & other; Money often enough in the home, often need to grandma father and several aunt pay & throughout; .

Zhong Guifang father named Zhong Boying, according to the Zhong Guifang memories, his father often from the countryside into the city, to send some food, rice, oil to bing and grandma. In jiangyin Gu Shan township the original master Mao Deyan who specially interviewed Zhong Boying in 1979. About 1932 years or so, and introduced bing and widowed Dong Cuidi together.

& other; Every day early in the morning, cui her hand bing to the teahouse tea, cui her to buy food, tea to go home, go to don will tonight or in the afternoon to busk in storage house. Throughout the &; Tell Mao Deyan Zhong Boying.

bing the mystery of why have become a master?

bamboo grand master architect storage charge disciple found bing

but unfortunately bing soon ill died, aged 58

83 – year – old old man seen swimming China did, then she did live on the street. Nine, ten o ‘clock at night often did busk home after swimming China home, a swimming have padding will say “hello”, the father of China, & other; Sometimes some leftover rice crust in the home, my father would give bing, let him do breakfast the next day. Throughout the &; Bing will use its premiere pull & other; Thank you & throughout; Vocals, express gratitude.

this memorable swim to China, to people of her own age in wuxi, bing home of erhu sound good night every night. Later, can’t get enough swim China knows this first song called “two springs month”. Li Songshou in January 1949, just to work in the grand master of erhu, master class teacher professor bamboo storage place, for the sake of your fingers, Li Songshou inadvertently pulled up a bing in the streets often melody, store professor suddenly beckoned to suspend, ask the origin of the song. Store professor command disciple pull completely again, after you bother to praise: & other; Too good, not only rich individual character, connotation and depth. This is a masterpiece of. Throughout the &;

Li Songshou later became the erhu performer, nanjing normal university music professor. According to its by the birth of “the divine comedy”, according to the master’s command, in 1950, he and his shadow of central music college professor Yang clear wait a few people come to wuxi for bing recording, bing appears very excited, he said: & other; I haven’t play for three years or so, she did not have an instrument for too long to waste, practice for a few days, let me play again! Throughout the &;

Yin Yang clear, Li Songshou and others to bing borrowed the urheen, pipa, recording the precious did were recorded on two springs, listen to the pine, the cold wind song “and other works.

in September, the central institute of music folk music is a professional research, think bing outstanding music, playing skills, to bing to music conservatory, please open the two springs, and to loose the concert, and plans to hire him to the central academy of music teaching.

unfortunately, at this time of bing has seriously ill, bedridden. That year on December 4, bing vomiting blood, at age 58. When bing departures, the home has nothing that belt, side only when recording, the borrowed urheen.

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