The origin of the “five ridges six beast” is a word: the palace temple roof decorations

& other; Five ridges six beast & throughout; Is a derogatory word, commonly used to describe a person’s state of mind.

the so-called & other; Five ridges six beast & throughout; Is China’s traditional large buildings, such as palace, temple, palace a decoration. In the tall buildings of the edge of the five root apex, sits six kinds of porcelain mammal animals & ndash; & ndash; This is & other; Five ridges six beast & throughout; . Old ordinary houses are not these things, only the weight of residence can be installed only after approval by the emperor franchise and this is called & other; Instrument ridge & throughout; To show honor.

the so-called & other; Throughout the five ridges &; , is the roof of a big ridge and four vertical ridges. The so-called & other; Six beast & throughout; That is a myth of the legendary beast & ndash; & ndash; The ends of the big ridge is placed & other; Therefore (to eat) kiss & throughout; ; The other four vertical ridges lined with five kinds of beasts, so general & other; Six beast & throughout; . Six beast, on the edge of the five ridges for building has three major functions: first I have to town evil role, decorate beautification, the second third sealing protection. Ancient buildings are wood, in the intersection of the two slope corrugated roof installation swallow beasts, on the roof tight sealing effect, can prevent the water leakage.

these by clay fire small animals, but were invited to the palace, temples, and on the roof of the palace, have a good & other Fame and commanding, overlooking the earth & throughout; The mean. Poets in lv meng is wrote poems satire of five ridges six beast: & other; Animal head is a mass of mud, do try hard people. Now carry in qingyun, forget the original innovation. Throughout the &;

these monster, is located in the roof of the ceramics are head face, face ferocious god. Only bad majesty, of course, to complete the mission of the ward town content. Later, & other; Five ridges six beast & throughout; Is being used by folk proverb, outstanding & other; Six beast & throughout; An evil, twisted with the image characteristics, used to describe people’s all sorts of bad mood and emotion.

use & other; Five ridges six beast & throughout; This idiom to depict the character’s mental state, have very wide applications, such as scratching their heads, unprepared. Or helpless, not the dying; Show or puffed up caper, ecstasy; Or upset, distracted, etc. For example: & other; Got a son, I don’t know how happy good, day and night five of six ridge beast! Throughout the &; & other; Both of you see him, just earned a bad money, went to five ridges six beast. Throughout the &;