The origin of the “swing” can be traced back to hundreds of thousands of years ago in ancient times

swing is one of the most common in our country folk entertainment, everyone will swing, but & other; Swing & throughout; What the word? Believe that a lot of people are not clear.

the origin of the swing, dating back to hundreds of thousands of years ago in ancient times. At that time, our ancestors in order to make a living, need to go to picking wild fruit trees or hunt wild animals. In climbing and running, they tend to seize a thick bine, rely on the cane of oscillation oscillation, on trees or across the ditch jian, this is the most original swing. As for later ropes hanging on wooden frame, the tied to pedal, swing, the spring and autumn period in north China. According to “the art type” quoted ancient books records, & other; Swing & throughout; Custom was the northern mountains of Dijon, swing on the swing games in cold that day, to exercise the dexterity of the body. After the duke beat mountain Dijon, the game was introduced to the central plains. The northern cold,, to be strong, the rope swing multi-purpose hides into, so & other; Swing & throughout; The traditional Chinese writing & other; Swing & throughout; Chinese character component are & other; Leather & throughout; .

about & other; Swing & throughout; The origin of a word, the high tang dynasty boundless in the sequence of the backyard swing fu wrote & other; Swing, art also, HanWu qi and consent of life, so the harem swings. Throughout the &; High boundless mean & other; Swing & throughout; The word is & other; Throughout the century &; After transfer, palaces for the emperor to the century of life, there are swinging the game, then simply use & other; Swing & throughout; The call. Five dynasties period Wang Renyu also wrote in the kaiyuan tianbao tian & other; Tianbao palace, to the cold, vertical swing, the palace and mocks thought pleasures. Emperor of fortuneteller play, are thus called for citizens. Throughout the &;

the custom of the swing is very widely, Du Fuyou poem & other; Wanli swing custom with & throughout; . The northern song dynasty swing swing out of the new pattern, according to meng elders “Tokyo recorded” wei menghua: & other; Two ship, set up swing, stern acrobatics on rod, around the court danger signs inspect teaching and mountings, another man tripped on the swing, flat rack, somersault throw into the water, of & lsquo; Water swing & rsquo; . Throughout the &; & other; Water & swing throughout; Is very similar to today’s diving, is the new development of acrobatics, song dynasty occupies an important place in the history of Chinese acrobatics, have influence on later generations. (Chen Lingshen Chinese experts blog)