The origin of the universe: god particle was found Hawking bet always lose

found & other; God particle & throughout; Is a physics major breakthrough.

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in Geneva, the packed audience, European nuclear research institute rove hoyer has announced that two independent working for the large hadron collider (LHC) team, has confirmed that discovered the higgs boson (aka & other; The god particle & throughout;) .

accurately, it is found that the probability of more than 99%, according to scientists, at least for now they have found a way can be estimated the higgs boson position of new particles.

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in Europe, the British physicist Stephen Hawking also through video expressed this outcome. At an early age, he once and friends bet, bet a particle does not exist. & other; I bet at the university of Michigan, Gordon Kane, the higgs particle will not be found. But in just now, it seems, I have lost $100. Throughout the &; In the video, the 70 – year – old theoretical physicist lost the bet money seems to regret, but the corners of the mouth and flashing a smile. He said, in fact, he is very Gao Xingxi higgs success was found, and even to put forward the theory of British physicist Peter higgs granted in advance & other; The Nobel Prize for physics nomination & throughout; .

for ordinary people, the higgs boson sounds very strange, but for physics, it’s a landmark, found that its importance as humans on the moon.

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announced after the discovery, the four specially invited to help the higgs theory development in the 1960 s theorists, including Peter higgs himself. In announcing found the higgs boson, the British scientist, shed tears of delight.

83 – year – old higgs, wearing a white shirt and gray suit accept people present stood up and applauded. He excitedly said: & other; This is really the most incredible miracle in my life. Of more than 40 years ago, I don’t have thought that this day would happen in my life. Because at that time, people don’t know where to find the higgs boson. So, I am very happy to know that this is real particles, and have enough evidence to make scientists announced the discovery. Throughout the &;

is the theoretical physicist, is put forward in the physics famous & other God particle & throughout; , he hopes to explain why the quality of our objects in the universe exist? Why galaxies, planets and humans have a right to live? The standard model of particle physics to study and even the world, are very important.

how to generate nature? Why do we exist on this world? For ordinary people, perhaps this is the topic that the scope of philosophy, but for physicists, they need from professional Angle to consider: what is the strength to make the world of today’s appearance? What is it about human can survive in this world?

in physics is generally believed that the nature of the interaction force between objects in can be divided into four kinds: gravity (gravity), electromagnetic force, strong force and weak nuclear force.

since Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity can solve the problem of gravity, theoretical physicists began to try to establish a unified model, in order to explain through the interaction of three kinds of force after all particles, this is the standard model of physics. This model divides into the elementary particles quarks and leptons and boson 3 kinds big, predicted the existence of the 62 species of elementary particles.

in the world of particles, particles of spin as an integer called bosons, such as the photon spin and gluons are 1. Spin to half integer particles called fermions, such as the spin of electrons, quarks and neutrinos are 1/2. The higgs particle belongs to the boson, because it’s spin is zero, which is currently know only boson spin is 0.

the higgs boson is believed to be the cornerstone of the standard model. Before the British scientist Peter higgs, the standard model of physics has a fatal flaw & ndash; It deduces the world without quality. It was not until 1964 that the higgs to the existence of the higgs field is proposed.

but & other; God particle & throughout; The setback continuously is proposed. One day in 1964, the higgs is the Scottish highlands when walking, suddenly the germination & other God particle & throughout; Such a concept. Later, he wrote two papers, the second paper briefly suffered in European organization for nuclear research, the European journal of physics letters a refusal.

the higgs according to the theory of the higgs boson is the foundation of the quality of other particles. They are composed of the higgs boson & other; The higgs field & throughout; In, produced by the role of inertia, finally had the quality; Before with other particles in addition to the gravity of the other three kinds of force in the framework of interaction, finally forms the physical & other; The standard model & throughout; . Because of its important, physicists have also called the higgs boson & other; God particle & throughout; , because of its existence, just have the quality, only with other particles, and then only created this world now.