The original ABBA band members: no good story, musical don’t want to be successful


(reporter WuBin) is the Shanghai grand theatre recently hot play Chinese musical” mamma mia!” , opens the native FanYan classic examples of musical and into the commercial market. Come to watch the premiere of the original in Shanghai ABBA band member bjorn & middot; Mr Valls, facing the performance pomp can not help but sigh: & other; As early as 8 years ago, I have a dream of becoming a Chinese version, just met with some difficulties. Look at all the audience smile left the theater, proved everything goes as expected. Throughout the &;

“mamma mia!” Since its premiere in London in 1999, has more than 240 cities in the whole world, to watch people, more than 42 million Chinese version, is it 13 language version. However, many of the viewers don’t know, the musical music foundation & ndash; & ndash; And eighties last century is composed of two Swedish youth couple of ABBA recorded music, the band has always been culture model of success, export ChuangHuiE over Sweden. Later, as the two couple’s marriage ended, the band also disbanded. Bjorn told reporters: & other; Benny and I began to musical direction, more to the ladder, & middot; Rice (with weber, McCain came three called London musical production industry & lsquo; Godfather & rsquo; Figure) cooperation, made a batch of play. Throughout the &; Mamma mia!” It is produced by ABBA band intervention was born.

when it comes to the most important element of a musical success, bjorn said without hesitation is & other; Story & throughout; . & other; Unless you have a very good story, otherwise, you use again good lighting, the best actor, the stage of making luxury again, to be successful don’t even think about it. Throughout the &; Mamma mia!” Music royalties continuously until now, however, a 66 – year – old he is still working for musicals. & other; Benny had a studio in Stockholm, I often provide work for him, but the musical success is difficult, sometimes even if the team is composed of the best talent, also does not guarantee success. Throughout the &; Which first asked like “mamma mia!” in deductive ABBA songs, best-selling bjorn said is the fingertips through the time, which is in Donna and daughter after the outbreak of violent conflict, restraining tears to put on the dress that first. & other; The fingertips through the time because of my eldest daughter feeling. When she was seven years old, there are a carry bag to school turn head to say “hello” to me, very proud to go to school alone, looked at her, I feel my daughter is grown up, at the same time produced a she will eventually leave me sad. Throughout the &;

bjorn said he had seen “mamma mia!” Almost all languages, & other; French edition is very dramatic, Russian version of the strong, performance is relatively serious. Throughout the &; He was not worried about the words translated into Chinese meaning will change after creation. & other; If just ABBA song, then fill in other languages are lyrics, certainly it is difficult to reflect our heart of creation. But in the musical, these songs were participating in the development of the plot, as long as the audience can understand and understanding is to succeed. Throughout the &; In order to ensure that the Chinese version & other; Original & throughout; , as usual, he checks the lyrics translation, all lyrics must be after translation, going back again in English, by his word, & other; Because the words are very important to promote story progress. Throughout the &;

there are more and more old combination after the dissolution of years, with & other Restructuring return & throughout; Make the performance in the name of the stage. When asked about the & other; ABBA will return & throughout; , bjorn said, he was asked this question for hundreds of times. & other; I will bluntly said & lsquo; Not & rsquo; ! Should not give fans present wrinkled old man image. Now, can’t find don’t like ABBA restructuring old band, but I think that the beauty of ABBA band. Belong to our that the psychedelic past all disappeared! Throughout the &;