The original newspaper songs speak clearly recall that fortune 89 – year – old nie er

Yang Bijun old man 89 years old, but still mentally alert.

boys in those days the newspaper. LiuYang taken

& other; La la la! La la la! I am the newspaper small expert & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Catchy lyrics, melody melodious sound, almost every children are small sung the song newsmen, but most people don’t know, this is the first in the 30 s of the last century Shanghai song, behind have a country took place in Shanghai. Has Yang Bijun, a 89 – year – old old man this year, is the newspaper in Shanghai during the Anti-Japanese War in newsboy & other; Boys & throughout; . Recently, she told our reporter tells the story of the origin of the newspaper “, as well as her and have to say a story between my uncle nie er.

alley in the depth of the art house

sang songs a newspaper, a 89 – year – old & other; Newsboy & throughout; Still speak clearly, emotional full

April afternoon, the reporter comes to Shanghai’s west side, the road that arose in the last century 20 s private houses together old street, was the one hundred buttonwood wrapped, on both sides of the building blocks of still greeted in deep alley.

a typical shikumen quiet as also, the door is the way to school the children’s laughter, it is said that in the last year, during the expo here & other; Expo families & throughout; , foreign tourists can experience the unique characteristics of the local life here, closer to the understanding of the old Shanghai style of the building and the new people living in Shanghai.