The otter hands folded like prayer Press: “god, please give me a fish”

otter hands folded in prayer to god

who says otters have no faith? The daily mail on February 17, announced a set of otter hands folded interesting pictures, feel like in prayer: & other; God, please give me a fish, amen. Throughout the &;

this group of photographs photographer is lok ma & middot; Claude kinski, 49, into the business has been more than 20 years of photography, but shoot so pray of animal pictures is the first time for him.

Claude kinski, according to the unusually cold weather in the day, in order to get a satisfactory otter picture, he is in the south of England at whipsnade zoo in bedfordshire otter activities area to wait for two hours. He said: & other; It is not easy to want to have a good photo, I usually spend hours to observe, pressing the shutter waiting for the right moment. Throughout the &;