The Pacific women pregnant woman was resigned to the editor in chief Guangdong women’s federation to investigate

“female worker labor protection special provisions” came as the Pacific Ocean network original female editor but resign because of pregnancy by company requirements (see the information times on May 9, A21). Miss dong depressed is, in her weibo, water army attacked questioned her false pregnancy. At present, the provincial women’s federation has been investigated.

lawyer said events have iconic influence

recently, take the initiative to contact miss dong’s department of the guangdong provincial women’s federation, invited her to know the situation in the provincial women’s federation, to offer help. Yesterday morning at 9:40, miss dong, accompanied by her father, in the provincial women’s federation to submit the relevant evidence materials, provincial women’s federation of women QuanYiBu lawyer Wang Biao dust is responsible for the reception.

king lawyer to miss dong understand event process and after reading the materials provided by the said, this is “female worker labor protection special provisions”, since the implementation of national influence of landmark event, is also the provincial women’s federation received the first women’s rights. The matter in the law is clear: to resign is invalid. King lawyer, said the provincial women’s federation will supervise and urge the city women’s federation, district women’s federation will this case, as the key drive solutions.

water army attacks in female editor-in-chief

let miss dong is angry, her weibo malicious login and water army attacked by others. The reporter sees in her microblog, there are quite a few new registered less than 10 people and fans of the user in the above message, threatening language.

and unexpected is, 37 points from 9 am yesterday, someone posted on tianya BBS “Pacific network editor-in-chief Dong Hui to pregnant do claims chips revealed”, post content no miss dong in the Pacific of the network performance and questioned her false pregnancy, is pregnant to do a claim. Reporters see posters & other; My name is smooth & throughout; Information found that the account registered on January 23, 2010, a total of login 27 times, birthday is on January 1, 1900.

this, miss dong provides the Pacific annual reports to the reporter and the hospital inspection report. Company annual reports, company executives confirmed her performance, and the hospital inspection report showing the inspection time is on April 19, 2012, read & other; Intrauterine pregnancy, the embryo is suggested that periodic inspection & throughout; . Miss dong will be inspection report photos to weibo, let & other; You went to the hospital to verify. Throughout the &; Ms dong said, since the qing qing, don’t hope it was malicious hype.

labor inspection team to coordinate processing

according to miss dong, so far, the Pacific computer information consulting co., LTD., has yet to take the initiative to communicate with her. On May 11, the company issued a public statement, said miss dong release of information is not the objective facts, but the process of resignation taken out of context. Said in a statement, miss dong is his resignation, the company agreed to.

yesterday afternoon, the tianhe district labor inspection team meet with both sides negotiate processing lawyers in the company. For the consultation, the tianhe district labor inspection team said, has been submitted to the tianhe district propaganda department. It is understood that the incident is still under negotiation.