The palace copper cylinder by tourists carving “visit” the net friend: why no one stopped

& other; XXX to visit & throughout; The lettering is not uncommon, however, recently, have visitors in the palace of a large copper cylinder engraving & other Liang qi qi going on throughout the &; The move by netizens denounced as & other; Immoral & throughout; .


& other; Today, a man named liang qi qi tourists, engraving the going on the large copper cylinder, caught you have to cut your hand. Throughout the &; The reporter understands, a few days ago, when a staff member of the imperial palace Mr Yan in the Forbidden City tour of a big copper cylinder was found near the gate of people secretly carved a line & other; Liang qi qi going on throughout the &; , after Mr Yan saw very angry, so will the matter and photos to weibo, triggered a condemnation.

Mr Yan told the media interview, when tweeting is “not think & other; Human flesh & throughout; Lettering of visitors, but wanted to remind more people pay attention to protecting cultural relics. The Forbidden City, he said, received many visitors from all over the world every day, so you can’t guarantee each person’s quality, but the act of the lettering on the cultural relics is very bad.

& other; At the name on the cultural relics, some called immortal, some called heritage smelly, some called defiled. Throughout the &; Reporter noted that sina weibo authenticated user, deputy editor of the journal of the forbidden & other; The orchestra of the imperial palace & throughout; Also tweeting condemned this behavior.

this morning, reporter discovery, a man named & other; Liang qi qi & throughout; Of new registered weibo, and repeating the article 6, by netizens question is not big copper cylinder engraving in the Forbidden City’s liang qi qi himself, but self hype, want to fire.


mother said to be a good name super love Garfield: protection of cultural relics, everybody is responsible for, to improve quality, it is urgent.

Lucy fish: this should catch up sentence. So why isn’t love lettering, carved his face!

news reporter: why didn’t he gathers up there moment when people stop?

arui teacher: the Palace Museum tickets are bought id real-name, it is not difficult to find this person.

fell to myself: is uneven and the education of national literacy, imbalance of economic and social environment are closely related. Article/reporter Yang poem all

(photos taken by netizens)