“The Palace Museum collection” become a fake The Chinese buy antique was tricked into more than ten thousand yuan (FIG.)

& other; The Palace Museum collection & throughout; Getting buy fake beauty of Chinese antiques are cheat more than ten thousand yuan (figure)

a open box, youdao clapboard, post & other; Supervisors & throughout; Note, however, is a brand-new jingdezhen porcelain, inside the box was not the Palace Museum collection of antiquities. (the world journal/jin-cheng wang perturbation)

with boxes of fake antiques, the trustees of the imperial palace seals. (the world journal/jin-cheng wang perturbation)

Beijing, Feb. 13 (xinhua) according to the world journal reported that lives in California, the figure of Chinese businessman Mr Liu loves Chinese antiquities, handmade works of art in China is very good also, home collect many ancient and modern Chinese arts and crafts, such as embroidery, stone carving, jade carving, always think of Chinese antiquities appreciation ability is very high. Even experts like Mr. Liu, however, still escapes the gunman fraud, mainly because the gunman shrewdness, can produce enough spurious collection box, the trustees of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress seals on the Forbidden City.

Mr Liu said, he is to be taken in by the Palace Museum collection box, happy spent 10000 yuan to buy this batch of fakes, come home with a magnifying glass a closer look, only to find that deceived.

Mr Liu is a Taiwanese immigrants, after the success of the business, has been living in luo figure, he is not willing to release his name, he said he believes these similar golden party criminals will continue to cheat, decided to public was cheating on his experience, let the people in this region is not to repeat it.

Mr Liu said, last year Christmas Eve have a trip to SAN jose, an Asian gathered near the mall shopping, all the way around to a flow of vendors selling antiques, attracts bronze incense burner and porcelain are put on the shelf. Vendor said to him, these bronze ware and porcelain are the han dynasty, the Ming dynasty, porcelain above and write word from daming. But study of Chinese antiquities years of Mr Liu, a see will know that these are imitations. Even so, he still cherish these imitation fine handwork, and 3800 yuan for a whole shelf of bronze ware, porcelain, etc.

vendors see liu generous, so pull liu behind the curtain, when you say, there is a group of the kuomintang government fled to Taiwan, too late to take away & other The Palace Museum treasures & throughout; , hoping to sell ShiHuoZhe like Mr. Liu. So show liu 13 imperial palace treasures box, box is ages ago, above the national flag of the republic of China are faded, box with other & other; The trustees of the imperial palace & throughout; The chairman of the seals, each box cover several seal stamp.

the liar continue told Mr. Liu, he is jingdezhen in jiangxi province, in 1949, the KMT government retreated to Taiwan, the imperial palace treasures too late to take away, after went to the people, and travelling to the United States.

Mr Liu said the imperial palace treasures box design clever indeed, few can be spurious, plus he was reluctant to dismantle & other; The Forbidden City committee chairman & throughout; Seals, so after the two sides to bargain, the 13 & other; The Palace Museum treasures & throughout; With 10000 multivariate clinch a deal.

liar, said he only accept cash, Mr. Liu’s hands and don’t have so much money, so two people go to the bank, Mr. Liu extract 10000 yuan to buy this batch of fake antiques. Mr. Liu was also didn’t ask for a receipt to him.

wait to go home and open one or two box seal check carefully, just know to buy is a fake. He told reporters in a box filled with porcelain and the bottle looks brand new. And he said, take a magnifying glass, found the vase is a product of modern jingdezhen, this just know cheated, quickly will this batch of goods to the vendors, ask to return money. The seller, however, he lost the bet all the money, no money to buy them back & other; Throughout antiquity &; . IfengLogo (jin-cheng wang)