The parking lot king Richard iii remains dug up bones have 10 injuries (FIG.)

mixer Richard iii portrait

British archaeological personnel in the center of leicester in central England in August last year underground found the remains of a parking lot, after DNA tests, 4 were confirmed as England’s king Richard the third in the 15th century, solved a mystery that lasted for hundreds of years.

Richard iii is the last of the plantagenet monarch, died in 1485, and he reigned two years. Historical records, Richard iii died is 32 years old, he was disabled. It is understood that the unearthed remains of & other; Black and blue & throughout; On the bones, spine bending, there are 10 injuries, including 8 in the head.

Richard iii in the history of Britain has always been a controversial figure. His brother, Edward vi, who died in 1483, after Richard iii becomes nephew Edward v’s guardian. But he ascended the throne, Edward v, and his brother after were imprisoned in the tower of London and mysterious disappearance. There are rumors that they are secret kill Richard iii.