The poetess Gu Chun and gong zizhen was written into the resources to spend “one-night stand”

in late qing dynasty to modern times, which poets, which is the most famous Gu Chun. Gu Chun (1799 & ndash; No MeiXian, 1877), is too clear, the original name of schering roche, Westwood spring, so the agency also, manchuria blue banner.

about Gu Chun and outstanding contemporary poet gong zizhen between the so-called & other; Love & throughout; Since the late qing dynasty, has been widely in literary field, so that be Ceng Piao made famous novel the resources spent material. Novel will be Gu Chun and gong zizhen & other One-night stand & throughout; Vivid description, very romantic. Scholars although this kind of writing style, but also some ambiguous words of gong zizhen focus inwardly suspicious (see XiTongYun Gu Chun poetry commentary, Shanghai ancient books publishing house, 2004). Really attentively read Gu Chun poetry, however, is most difficult to believe this kind of legend. The modern famous ci GuKuang Zhou Yi once said: & other; Your thoughts, read too clear word determines human, no Yin Yin also dispute. Throughout the &;

1, Westwood after roche, after the surname of


Gu Chun grandfather was in the qing dynasty university ertai nephew hubei chang. Twenty years (1755), hubei chang for his protege of algae hu was stricken convicted to death. A Gu Chun birth was prepared by detachment. The grandmother took her to the rear, to note and grandfather hubei chang, hence the surname guggenheim, reported cases of people government, proud of fu guards Gu Wenxing’s daughter, so he too clear. Brought up with a good education, at the age of three or four, namely by the grandmother puts, at the age of six or seven and designed for her please teacher culture. As gu too qing is a woman, learn not to try to research, therefore, specializing in verses. She have been not foot-binding, talent beautiful and talented, as a man, when filling out brilliantly word.

Gu Chun, arranged marriage does not come from parents, but the result of the two young people love to exactly. Husband we draw grandmother is ertai hubei bi’s daughter. With this relation, Gu Chun to wangfu, painted with Wilson met and mutual admiration, but for Gu Chun & other; The daughter of sin I & throughout; , it was in opposition, after a fight, they all’s well that ends well. Gu Chun before marriage live in the shadow of decline of the family, has tasted bitterness world, but something gradually into the life after marriage. Yi painting is the grandson of the qing dynasty the emperor qianlong fifth child forever, 17 years old jue baylor, is not only the nobles’ children, is also a knowledgeable preciosity. His poetry, calligraphy and painting, the Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, medicine, astronomy, but widely dabble in. Gu Chun with family influence, to poetry to sing with her husband, also easily pleased. The lyrics under the influence of her husband, she was a teen, baylor mansion of rich collection and a variety of famous painting collection provides the basic way for her. Concentrated study of famous works, made her understanding of painting gradually deepening, for future TiHuaShi ci creation laid a higher starting point.

2, middle-aged widow, fitting into spiritual

Gu Chun besides involved in the creation of poetry, painting, also like to visit landscape, close to nature. She often painted and yi lian ride travel, on the outskirts of many temple in Beijing, the two places of interest have left. They in good things, not only cultivate feelings, and poetry lovers. But good time after a dozen years, only in the eighteenth year of daoguang (1838), the age of 40, yi painting had died suddenly, make Gu Chun again fall into the trough life.

it never rains but it pours, three months later, she and her husband, two son and two daughters were born to her mother-in-law relentlessly ejected from the palace. The affair may be related to the family structure. Mrs Wilson of draw is wonderful China, eight years ago (1830) died, leaving a son and two women, the eldest son take jun to Gu Chun perhaps already wary. Yi painting appeared shortly after, he jue baylor, and half-brother siblings can’t get along well, everywhere against the wish of the widow, its carry TaiFuRen trend forced Gu Chun possibility out of the house. Whether he so disregard the family, and listen to gong, gu & other Love & throughout; Talk about, but also left a guess. After leaving the baylor mansion, Gu Chun sold jewelry, rent a house, difficult to live in the pediatric woman crying sound. However, since the next spring, she will no longer to live and start with a group of bosom friend sister party frequently, respond to each other, in order to ease the suffering of the heart. Associate with Gu Chun women, mostly in Beijing for breeding female members of a family, it Xu Zongyan deqing’s two daughters jin cloud (word) ginger, delay Reng yunlin (word) and Shen Shanbao most congenial to her. She and her sisters together to admire the flowers, listen to music, swim mountain, visit to the temple, and write lyrics poetry together. In the fall of this year, they also set up & other; Autumn red songs throughout club &; , with poetry, homology to write lyrics, leaving a beautiful scenery in the history of Chinese female literature.

3, as pure and fresh, and nalanxingde said

Gu Chun life ceaseless, writing poetry, word, fiction, painting and so on, especially in term of literary world.

the aristocratic zhen said she & other; Brilliant, signing BiLi into. Treats people with sincerity, and decoration of behaviour, they are casual and slashes, not waiting for copper bowl final, all have justice & throughout; . Case Zhou Yi in the wind art sticks to call it as nalanxingde said: & other; Bag read a retreating cloud: & lsquo; If male, this word in tieling people let (nalanxingde), girls too clear spring, see straight deep northern song dynasty. Throughout the &; The word seiko nature, slightly without depicting mark. YouShan architecture artistic conception, closest footages moving. & other; Modern women words, have Wu Zao south, north Gu Chun, a bimodal cui, best estates throughout not lonely &; . Gu Chun the day swim pavilion set, both TiHuaShi, also have painting word. The main TiHuaShi masterpiece “topic Li Xi ancient autumn wade figure” the topic hills ji snow stone paintings “since the topic the plum blossom noodle” the topic NiYun Lin qing Bi pavilion map “” send GuChunXuan old man since the draw chrysanthemum” and so on. Look at the first:

rocky dry vine water edge, open forest net late autumn.

cold beach to do without the boat, so the wave not before.

Li Xi ancient, namely, the southern song dynasty famous painter Li Tang, good painting landscape character. This figure to write autumn walking across the river. Gu Chunguan painting is its picture, and put his own thoughts and feelings, she is painting a bleak and desolate scene impressed, not worry about autumn pedestrians crossing the river, then send to him not

forward advice. The poem in the first two words of the scenery, prominent failure sayin, is bedding; The third period subject & other; Autumn involved & throughout; ; A sudden change of complimentary closure bring forth new idea. Just as his friend Shen Shanbao review: & other Too complimentary closure the most impressive qing poetry. Throughout the &; (” aristocratic “zhen (8) the topic hills ji snow stone paintings drawn quite characteristic. & other; Stone paintings & throughout; , gets its name from the natural stone texture formation of the painting. Because it is not a true picture, appear in front of the viewer’s scenery specious, often need imagination to make up. This is the poet problem left infinite space. His poems are:

as with picturesque green mountain, steep ravine after the spring snow melt ice.

with the east wind last night, I wake XiaoXia HongRan layers.

the poem written by closely & other; Hills snow throughout ji &; First sentence write four words, blue mountain picturesque, like nature itself, should be & other; Stone & throughout; Word; The second sentence write spring snow melt, mountain stream water full, point & other; Throughout the spring &; Word; Complimentary closure zhaoxia man, point & other; Xue ji & throughout; . And the most intriguing is the third sentence, the east wind woke up hibernating dashan, such as xiao dream sleep early, see all the scenery is very fuzzy, bring artistic conception. This is what show stone painting scenery the right technique of uncertainty. Another “since the topic the plum blossom noodle” is also a good poem:

wind curtain small sized photograph hold cold plum, suddenly stunned low branches near the water is boiling.

is not allowed to fly surprised crane dream, month as fragrance to.

the poem paraphrase the song dynasty poet Lin Bu & other; Mei wife son crane & throughout; The Canon and his poems of poetic mountain garden xiaomei, likes no trace, and used personification writing may, both the poet’s emotional commitment, and giving life to the plum blossom, and very clever.

compared with TiHuaShi Gu Chun problem picture word more characteristic, its excellent work are mainly the river son & middot; the topic, the usual static wild sichuan cloud kaolinite painting “the step toad hall & middot; think fan” since the “witch song & middot; from the topic to snow XiaoZhao” the drunken WengCao & middot; topic in yunlin lake ooze piano figure XiaoZhao “the desolate committed & middot; topic

autumn window with John,” the precious little flower & middot; topic Zhang Meng twips lady “in the early spring hatred & middot; topic Cai Qinghua lady , etc. See the first witch song & middot; from problem listening to snow XiaoZhao “:

haunters of the lamp to read. Listen to the window and rustling, cold voice knock on bamboo. Sit in the night wind tighter, wall dark snuff such as glycine. Green sleeves, millet single garment. Since the hook shade look at night, pressure may tip, over flow of jade. Fly graupel nasty, ring high house. Flocculant clouds fan hollow. Into the ice LengRui, regardless of the foot of Lin. How many poetry frequency to the ear, the flower gas embalm Finn relapsed. Close-up, tough silk banner. The preference is for life, to the human to return true. Crisscross, stand alone.

the first since the problem focus on painting word & other; Listen & throughout; , & other See & throughout; And & other Think & throughout; , first write to snow, & other; Cold voice knock on bamboo & throughout; , dark writing snow; To write to see mei, & other; Pressure may tip, over flow throughout jade &; And write the snow, and avoid & other; Snow throughout the &; Word; Finally the imagined: & other; Flocculant clouds fan hollow. Into the ice LengRui, regardless of the foot of Lin. Throughout the &; This again & other; Snow throughout the &; With & other; Mei & throughout; Together, the purity of snow, mei fang jie, indifferent elegant feelings for poets. Then put & other; Listen & throughout; , & other See & throughout; , & other Think & throughout; To all the scene and mood in poetry and painting. And the end point, points out & other; Snow throughout the &; Word, is suddenly enlightened, boundary all out: & other; The preference is for life, to the human to return true. Throughout the &; & other; Snow throughout the &; Can make all the mutant site, & other; Snow throughout the &; Can have the innocence of the world, & other; Snow throughout the &; More can give a person of good moral integrity. To this, the artistic conception of the whole word abruptly ascend, we seem to see the famous female poet of the Edward Chen means. This CiZhi your kindness far, present true feelings true scene, we can see not only imperial clan to female life circumstances, and reflects her decorous and free from vulgarity spirit realm.

article/Liu Jicai