The publication of deng xiaoping Vogel: now China or deng xiaoping’s path

vogel to attend in Beijing “deng xiaoping” simplified Chinese book launch. Special correspondent Zhang Haoshe

profession in the United States, perhaps no one than the former Harvard University, fairbank east Asia research center director Vogel (Ezra f. Vogel) explain the rise of China is more ambitious & ndash; At least on the utilization of resources. Taking advantage of one’s work, vogel for decades met a large number of senior Chinese officials, and many of them are children of mentoring relationship, and try to understand their difficulties and challenges. After glory Hugh from Harvard University in 2000, 70 years old at the time of vogel, accepted the Washington post, former foreign correspondent for Oberdorfer advice, writing a biography, a writing is more than ten years.

& other; I think deng xiaoping is particularly important, in the history of the world in the 20th century, he changed his country, his historical role has been more than any other country’s leaders, I saw it like this. Throughout the &; At the beginning of 2013, the “deng xiaoping” published simplified Chinese, the author attended the book launch, sanlian bookstore in Beijing as a & other An old friend of the Chinese people & throughout; , the past, weak old scholars respectively in Shanghai and Hong Kong last November about & other; Deng xiaoping and the reform and opening up throughout the &; In the speech.

after the retrace southern xi road, he has even started poking fun at his new book “deng xiaoping” issue in mainland China & other; Catch the good time & throughout; , & other; China mainly is take the road of deng xiaoping, now I see it that way before, so now see & throughout; .

& other; Deng xiaoping is how to do & throughout;

the deng xiaoping era is not so much a biography, vogel than for & other; Deng xiaoping & throughout; Belonging to a period of analysis. With simplified Chinese version of his book publicity materials of summary, both for the book, and the relationship between deng xiaoping, Chen yun and others of careful reading, and the third plenary session, transition, the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and America, political reform testing the waters, special economic zones, one country, two systems, reopened & other; Throughout southern China &; Major events such as in-depth analysis and decisions.

& other; Since 2000, I began to prepare for writing this book, I was the estimated time is 5 years to complete. Throughout the &; Vogel to time weekly reporter to introduce the process of writing, & other; In order to be able to let oneself in the interview when senior leaders more fluent mandarin, I hired a Chinese teacher, teach me Chinese in a year. Throughout the &;

one year after the stagnant, vogel decision & other; Bypass & throughout; And from the study of Chen yun laid hands on him. & other; The study of Chen yun it took me nearly a year. Throughout the &; Vogel told reporters, the time weekly interview object of deng xiaoping not only of his supporters, there are dissidents, & other; I want to hear different voice, in fact, as early as in before the start of the project, and they are also my friends & throughout; . However, his interview object list, more likely to be one of the familiar and unfamiliar name fill & ndash; Media comments, vogel make full use of the China & other Relations & throughout; .

& other; Deng xiaoping’s young daughter maomao I’ve ever seen, and the eldest daughter Deng Lin; I and the daughter and the daughter of former premier zhao ziyang, had a long conversation; I also had an discussion with hu’s two sons; Have seen Chen yi and ye jianying’s son, and working beside ye jianying his nephew & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

according to the book introduction, vogel interview objects, including China party history expert, young children and worked under deng xiaoping cadres (such as jiang zemin, qian, huang hua, Ren Zhongyi, li and others) and depth to participate in the era of people from all walks of life, with deng xiaoping had contacts or understanding of deng xiaoping have special foreign politicians and academics such as Singapore’s lee kuan yew, goh chok tong and overseas famous scholar wang gungwu, zheng yongnian, etc., the former Australian prime minister Robert & middot; Hawk, Japan’s former prime minister yasuhiro nakasone, former ambassador to China koreshige anami, former U.S. President Jimmy & middot; Carter, the former vice President walter mondale, former secretary of state Henry kissinger, former national security adviser brent scowcroft, etc.

he tell time weekly reporter talk about evaluation of deng xiaoping. & other; Personally, I do the research found that the contribution of deng xiaoping not only is he thinking of the reform, actually a lot of people are considering the other & ndash; Such as hua guofeng & ndash; China needs to reform and opening up. But how to lead work, I think can handle is very not easy. So I think the role of deng xiaoping, is to deal with contradictions. He learned that a lot of mistakes in the late MAO zedong, then how should change? Many people admire MAO zedong, but how to leave the practice of MAO zedong’s China? I think this job is hard. There are a lot of people like to walk the road of original, including GongSheHua, but deng xiaoping thought that way should be changed, should let the market role play to the largest. Throughout the &; Vogel said.

& other; Deng xiaoping met Tip O ‘neill democratic former speaker of the house of representatives (late), Tip tell him about the White House and congress dispute. Deng xiaoping listen to very happy, also invited Tip to China. But he also told the Tip at the same time, this dispute will not happen in China. Throughout the &; Vogel said, & other; He does not want to capitalist political power. He would prefer to have some people who are not interested in politics in the front end of the market economy, so I think it is true that China should be referred to as a market economy, rather than a capitalist economy. Throughout the &;

& other; The history of the 20th century, is there any person than deng xiaoping more widely to improve people’s living standard? Throughout the &; & other; Among the leaders in the 20th century, is there any others than deng xiaoping had a greater influence on continuous in the history of the world? Throughout the &; These two rhetorical by vogel wrote in the form of conclusion in the “deng xiaoping”, and what he has done more for & other; Deng xiaoping is how to do & throughout; The answer.