: the publication of queen mother with my 70 – year – old empress dowager cixi sex concept “baiwujinji”

(” the queen and I “(English) eamon DE & middot; In terra & middot; Sir, but thought the)

Li yinhe

– scholars, Beijing

around the queen mother and my main arguments of this book focuses on it on the question of whether real or imaginary. If it is the author’s experience, its historical value is unique; If it is the writer of fiction, it is no historical value, only when the novel came to see it.

the author is a noble life in the late qing dynasty linked to that person, even if we put his words only literary fiction, which reflected the qing dynasty aristocratic life atmosphere should say is very vivid, very interesting. Especially since the author special sexual orientation (gay and sm), the period of his life social atmosphere, sexual activity and the standard in addition to the regular sex, and added some new observation and description, appear more rich, diverse.

written in the book about the content of the lesbian, gay male prostitutes in both secular society activities, and the palace eunuch of gay sex, writes quite informative credible, such as the gay prostitution activities piao information and details, as well as the detailed description of activities. Historian one theory, explain the gay class to the prosperity of the sex trade in the late qing dynasty, because at that time the government banned officials whoring, so many officials to teenagers, there are many “xianggong” hall child in big cities, and is called & other; “Xianggong” & throughout; , & other Like gu & throughout; The pimp. Social circles the doyen of Mr Pan Guangdan also is mentioned in the related work. Thus, the author’s description of gay sex is conform to the historical facts.

because the author has a tendency to sm, the book of the sex industry also has a detailed description of the sm class service. Such as sexual lash and price and so on.

one chapter wrote bestiality, involving a variety of animals, including dogs, duck, goose, monkey, cow, sheep, fox and so on. More notable is people’s attitude toward bestiality and specifications. From the description of the book, at that time people for such activities as common things, and no anxiety or guilt.

ink heaviest or the author and the queen mother, of course, relationships, involving a variety of norms:

the first is to protect. Male emperor sannomiya six homes, presenting a enjoy polygamy, are all positive. As women of the country’s supreme leader, sexual behaviour? Obviously much more embarrassing distortion. Folk have variety of negative comments about wu zetian early, like the donkey head prince ugly rumours, alluding to the queen of adultery with animals. This is caused by a double standard for men and women in the patriarchal society. Seen in the book, since the emperor can have a lot of women, the queen can also have a lot of men. In the historical truth, I’m afraid I really not keep joins in.

followed by age. The author associate with the queen mother is more than 30 years old, and when the queen mother is already 70 years old. At this age still remained strong sexual desire, should say is amazing, but from the perspective of sex, can not all have no. According to the exchanges between the average age of the specification, the young author is quite humiliating. It is from this point of view, written in the book could be true. In other words, only from the point of view of age norms, the author to write out these, grace and not gold for myself, but since its ugly.

again is sexual behaviour. From all the details involved in the book, you can see, the queen mother of the sexual attitudes are baiwujinji, put a certain sex as correct, certain to error. For the various parts of the body, all the various ways of sex as a & other; Enjoy pleasure & throughout; There is no praise or blame. Heterosexual as she is, but for the imperial secretary eunuch of gay love, sm, animal behavior, such as all adopt a curious attitude on the sidelines, ignored, letting off steam. Just like foucault once said, eastern countries all have their own sexual art, but we have plenty of things to tell right from wrong western science.

all in all, in my opinion, the queen mother and I the book even fictional works, it would like to know when there’s concept of sexual customs, as well as ordinary people and social sexual activity in the upper echelons of the people, or have a certain value. This is in addition to historical data value, the literary value of the book value of sexology.