The qing dynasty officials mummy fujian province found 130 years ago “Grave robbers dropped the wilderness (FIG.)

near the qing dynasty in fujian 5 tasted officials mummy

(reporter Li Xihui/article GuanMingRong/figure) a mummified officials of the qing dynasty five goods 130 years ago, was grave robbers throw corpse wilderness, this message is issued, attract a lot of attention. Yesterday, the reporter comes to stolen upstairs village tomb in port of xiapu county pine street, curious villagers rushed to constantly, want to take a look at this & other; The municipal & throughout; Officials of the mummy’s face.

the mummy valuables all see

yesterday, the offspring of MuZhuRen arrived early and come to resin. They are the local ethnic wang. At present, the mummy has been shipped to xiapu county funeral home care. On the same day, the king clan people on the tomb cleaning. Ray Xie Qing xiapu county museum staff, told reporters on good early grave robbers, the grave directly to pry open the tomb, the mummy drag, abandoning their businesses on empty lots that were out of 15 metres away, and started rummaging interred.

ray is introduced, the mummy of clothes have been solved, upside down in a mess, officer, hats and belts were not found. Buried according to lake kasumigaura local customs, if it’s official, officer hat usually have jade tube, belt also have set some precious ornaments, a bronze mirror is put on the chest, still can put the goods such as copper. It’s a pity that these things were grave robbers stole it. After the wang people agree, the mummy of robes have been saved back to the museum.

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tomb pavilion on the stone carvings are butler characteristics

& other; The body of the carp, a dragon’s head, this stone so strange! Throughout the &; With a scream, many onlookers villagers with a camera, cell phone to sort out inside the tomb of a piece of stone carving constantly taking pictures. & other; This is ChiWei, ninth son of the dragon. Throughout the &; Museum staff ray said in GuJianZhong ChiWei only a regime have, moral & other; Advance & throughout; And & other One word, the top & throughout; .

according to introducing, this stone is the tomb of the pavilion, a piece of engraved with & other; Throughout the jue drink &; Pillars of stone, and engraved with couplets and other artifacts have been found. & other; These are set on the tomb of pavilion. Throughout the &; Ray tells a reporter, with beautifully carved tomb pavilion are very rare, so suggest offspring at the time of repairing tomb, restore the original tomb pavilion. In addition, inside the tomb also found WuLiuKuai tablet, one of which set forth the construction of the tomb is MuZhuRen six three sons and grandsons.