The qing dynasty officials sex scandal: qianlong and ho-shen had gay secret history

postcards in the late qing dynasty & other; Famous prostitute flowers & throughout;

Each Lai Chen

& other; Food color, also throughout &; To pursue beauty, in the patriarchal society.

in modern society, officials of gossip also appeared in the media, and constantly reminds people of the qing dynasty officials sex scandals.

1 tough at the beginning of the qing dynasty forbidden sexual abuse

, at the beginning of the qing dynasty rulers draw lessons from the Ming dynasty by accounts of national subjugation and ordered the city within it is strictly prohibited to officials at all levels whoring even line, using wine huan, offenders XiaoZhi commands. “Qing law” regulation, officials whoring, eat sanhua to 60 big stick, pimp hit 30 big stick.

the policy to carry out more thoroughly before xianfeng, the capital of the brothel several close. Kang ping the officer prostitutes almost extinct in the north, even if some private kiln were observed, generally officials also dare not.

but officials another nifty, play gay, more “xianggong”, go to “xianggong” hall child (male-prostitutes pavilion), the wind of chief more prevalent in the officials, most rich and dignitaries buy red boy, when the young men.

2 middle period of qing dynasty popular male wind

after, male prevailing wind, that or the doctor should be ashamed of even.

unofficial history, said emperor qian long and there is a period of gay secret history. Only live a 19-year-old stagnation emperor, traveling incognito, 18 in the tavern met a scholar, henan two people had a lover. Guangdong dongguan a 16 old national male wind, after the death of their pet male unexpectedly to sati.

the more veteran of the music, qianlong scholar in PinHuaBaoJian BiQiuFan, when his wife called male-prostitutes return not equal to hermes, he said: & other; The benefits of these “xianggong”, that has a female capacity, naked female body, to entertainment, can be heart, make the person happy without desire, this is not the best of both worlds? Throughout the &;

the qing officials also pop more. Theater cavalcade of male excels to flirt, especially in the lotus of pan gold, spinning cotton, such as screw cylinder & other; Throughout the play & huang; , very attractive to men. These male denier, of the called & other; The red “xianggong” & throughout; , the crowds are & other; Black “xianggong” & throughout; . Such as the prince of the qing dynasty into Beijing, very popular, become giants dignitaries as their agents, the scholars of the object.

it is said that during the reign of the qing dynasty male wind, playactor saw a prostitute, salute each other quietly. Reason was a prostitute, though a prostitute, once being, and by GaoFeng hope, while the mummer did not qualify.

3 xianfeng even after the wind

xianfeng years, whoring ban is flabby, the capital of eight hutongs & other Qing Yin small-class & throughout; And & other Tea room & throughout; There are often officials quietly. To the word, and even wind becomes silhouette.

in 1900, after the chaos of boxer, disintegration of traditional social ethics concept, moral fall on top of the world, the people & other; Prostitutes & throughout; And & other Smoke & throughout; Generally agree that shopping became a fashion in the kiln and into the big dens. Officialdom banquet between prostitutes do not drink, not prostitutes.

the Beijing dream of spring “, said the national capital of Han Gutan eight hutongs (name), shanxi lane, brothels. The southern belle, are & other; Throughout north bleaching &; Gold, chang an avenue with the wind from zhejiang, jiangsu.

in 1905, the brothels received official business license, prostitutes to donate a police department of revenue. Kiln become the main kyou-kan entertainment to some bureaucratic HaiNa prostitutes to wife. Some alternate officials, also borrowed robes, posing GuanJia, official car, sitting by the footmen lanterns to brothel prostitution.

at the time of Beijing famous prostitute “golden flower said in an interview: & other; I live in Beijing so, shop front axle, every day is always crowded, the path is filled with. Big masters, some office think it is not very convenient, they invited me to their house, has been in the middle of the night, even during the day to the house to go to social parties, like wang fu zhuang (asa), igawa wangfu (prince qing) I often go to. Throughout the &;

4 load vibration of the sex scandal

in late qing dynasty, the son of the prince of Duan Zhigui send yeung chui hay to igawa vibration load of more. Segment is the southern section of yuan shikai’s right-hand man, tianjin administration of patrol agent. Yuan shikai ambitions, is desperately to woo manchu princes, and for yourself to find a shortcut to promoting to a higher position.

yeung chui hay for hebei tongzhou, youth GuPin was sold to included music families brouwer, green be grown beautiful eyebrow eye, nose lips, Joan skin jade, graceful. A pair of golden voice, more to play the “scene.

at the time, the pursuit of the strongest is romantic to her son hong yi, he every night to the use of yeung chui hay & other; The fairy garden & throughout; After the famous SanXi accompanied her home carrying a lantern. He definition to yeung chui hay operas history background, guiding yeung chui hay singing opera figure and singing. For yeung chui hay, hong yi is her friends also division also alter ego, hong yi also thought that two people can spend their honeymoons.//au, for life.

in 1906, the son of prince prince qing load vibration to tianjin, after yuan shikai and Duan Zhigui banquet choose tianjin diva entertaining load vibration performance. Yeung chui hay bead throat tactfully, charming attitude ying ying, romantic love plays perfectly, gain full applause, which makes vibration load.

yuen, knowing, that call a person to run about, with 100000 oceans worth 12 million yuan (about this), in yeung chui hay promised that, in The Times of day and night into the new library of vibration load. Then, Duan Zhigui promoted to heilongjiang provincial governor.

5 of the qing dynasty take the beauty

some of the officials in the late qing dynasty, but also raise up a year & other; Take the beauty & throughout; . Li Boyuan lead the game newspaper hosted by wu jan-ren’s hen-hai, laugh newspaper, liang qichao established by The Times newspaper, from 1895 to 1895, for three consecutive years implementing workshop based. As a result, they got & other; SAO altar leader & throughout; , & other Flower border dispatch & throughout; The title.

host a list of some flowers, such as two love fairy fairy, li zhe lake fishing lang, spoony ZuiYan etc, also the brothel as recreation place at ordinary times, to spend even for fun, to write lyrics poetry for love. A lot of prostitutes, through their packaging, hype, reputation, asb.

the morality in the late qing dynasty a tiny detail, officials let life slip past them in the red light district, deal or no deal, the qing government’s credibility and legitimacy of the gradually lost, right hate officer as enemies. This culminated with sun yat-sen, were the corrupt dynasty namely crumble.