The qing dynasty the examiner decided to snuff with scores Accurate alarm

the research history, must attach importance to first-hand information, especially the history of the parties had written text. These words do not necessarily fair and objective, but it has the perceptual characteristics, can at least let us explore to the parties want to tell you what, want to hide anything, to tell from this and they explore history in the cover.

, for example, the qing dynasty imperial examination? How is admitted, especially change book what is the standard? When there is a famous why just the clearance of the officials, he personally participated in the qing dynasty imperial examination invigilation and change of volume, can say is the eyewitness of history, the republic of China, he will these stories published in the newspaper, after the rally a book: “spring brightness dream”.

today, let’s take a look at these historical eyewitness of the qing dynasty imperial examination.

oolong change book: the examiner will ask for ham sausage note posted on the test

the qing imperial examinations in fujian examinee popular a word: & other; Into learning are articles, approval is life. Throughout the &; In academic decision result is your own articles on the road, but can you put a jinshi, you’ll have to look at your life. This life is not the fate of the abstract, but the attitude of the examiner.

, He Degang recalls, if is local tests show, not much examination papers, marking the amount is not big, so the objectivity and impartiality is guaranteed. But if, after having obtained are not metropolitan examinations is the provincial scale, marking volume spike, and marking did not see an increase in the number of officials, as a result, under the effect of marking fatigue, admission chance will increase. Spring brightness dream record, a record: & other; If township to the otherwise, the examination paper Hague Zhu Shu, already riding; Time is forced, volumes, and more, one spirit, one day see dozens of art, has confused god dizzy, three conditions fourteen art. With more than 10 days of work, each person must see hundreds of volume & throughout; , reading quantity is big, and those papers seem to wear camouflage uniforms, lattice of black, red word, let a person & other Riding & throughout; , so there will be some smart.

total level of a central scroll the examiner in the late qing dynasty, too lazy to scrutinize the examination paper, so there is a considerable & other Creative & throughout; The change of volume method, he assumes the circular, and the examination in middle a snuff bottle, then turn the snuff-box. Miraculous spinning snuffbox, turned several turn quieted down after the snuff bottle head alignment which piece of paper, who is that lucky, line, take this piece of paper! The snuff box, is the examinee and the master of fate.

the examiner

to the examinee to compensate a mule

there is a person & other; Treasure division & throughout; Total examiner, also too lazy to read, he has a principle: only see poem, watch, reason is: & other; I see only poetry, poetry is article is good. Throughout the &; Because poetry, shorter than articles, look effortless.

a lot of time, the examiners busy not to come over, actually let house servants to participate in the change of volume, are better than one hand, natural mismatches make constantly.

one year, there was a trails of examinee, trying to get his test paper, incredibly find a note on the test paper impressively with: & other; A ham. Throughout the &; What is the meaning of this? The examinee after up and down, found that people who change book turned out to be his acquaintance.

the examinee angry, however, with the posted & other; Ham & throughout; Printed papers to find the examiner theory, the examiner consternation, hurriedly explanation: & other; Is the elder brothers, I’m sorry, I’m the servant to the test station for ham, wrote a note, all the results being posted on your paper. Throughout the &;

the is & other; Ham & throughout; Insulted full of talent excluded candidates flew into a rage: & other; B: good, good, you intent to eat ham, I worked so hard to write papers are less than even the ham, throw it to the servant to change, you serious misconduct. Throughout the &;

the examiner also angry: & other; You and I are familiar with each other, you talk to? Throughout the &; The examinee more anger: & other; You return not bashful say acquaintances, I three years to review the kung fu, you don’t see at all. Throughout the &;

the examiner to a showdown: & other; The admission is settled, I in addition to guilt, really not compensate for you, I’m a poor translation student, not a few money, do you look at yourself. Throughout the &;

according to He Degang record, in late qing dynasty academician of the low salary, salary in the first quarter, but 450 liang silver, and all by distributed to local invigilation change book to earn extra money, such as host invigilation, good place for a year can make thousands of two silver, is the worst in guangxi, nine hundred and twenty pieces of silver a year. & other; Formerly kyou-kan to academician is the most austere. Check FengYin, but quarterly forty hardware & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; The examiners can take daughter, once the most bitter such as guangxi, only nine hundred gold & throughout; .

the examinee also helpless, and finally reached an agreement: the examinee to it. the examiner a mule, as compensation.

oolong admission:

good top names available knife scrape

“spring brightness dream record” records, in a first position, change book teacher is big government officials: official department ministers and ministers. Candidates to this level, the level difference is not big, the first and second chance. Official department minister change book before, and he took a candidates for the top; Change book ministers later, he also took a fancy to an examinee’s words, also want to take it as a draft.

according to the practice, who set in the previous draft, do as the front set operation, which is according to the volume he champions. It happened that year, ministers with official department minister up, be sure to take their favorite candidates. Two ministers at the scene of the change of volume noisy, official department ministers said: & other; You selected the examinee is unworthy of them. Throughout the &;

ministers insist that does not admit has set a good scholar. The mood for several days, we sat down, the meeting finally reached an agreement, to look at the candidates for the top ministers, however, there is a technical barriers is bad handling: official department ministers decided good top name have been posted in the office, not clear. Stand up everybody is difficult between, there is a history, walked to the side of the wall, took a handful of magic from the sleeve small spatula, brush brush, and sure enough good cutting, and shaved his original name, & other; Is the sleeve of the scraper change & throughout; . The history of adults don’t scrape the street small ads, is wasted.

oolong proofreading:

dou big typo didn’t see customs clearance all the way to earning

3 years, namely 1877 Ding Chounian, He Degang at that time as a student, still attend to, one he called & other; Zhao brother & throughout; The test and his players. In poetry of the field, the & other; Zhao brother & throughout; Don’t & other; Manifest & throughout; , make a little confused, & other; Mark & throughout; Wrong written & other; Sea & throughout; When doubts about in his heart, there is no determined to change, then handing them. After heart regret, think it must be dropped off.

as a result, even high school, is happy, he still has some worry, because after the examination papers to come out, and review, then call & other; Grinding can be & throughout; , less accurately, and check the paper again. & other; Zhao brother & throughout; Pessimistic thought he may have to make-up exam: & other; Throughout the house &; . Unexpectedly, incredibly still passed the review of proofreading this, high school.

this bucket big typo, so all the way through, passed the road high-cultural levels, with & other; Zhao brother & throughout; Jinbang title.

He Degang so explain: & other; After field tests, the test room shall be after the school time, can try to correct; Or cloud, grinding can be can be not is not clear. Throughout the &; After examination examination paper, the relevant head & other; Room test & throughout; Would review and proofreading, and try to pick out correct, but not necessarily can guarantee one hundred percent, there will always be the net, & other; Zhao brother & throughout; Catch a lucky & other; The net & throughout; .

of course, the above example is not overthrow the ancient imperial examination impartiality and honesty, however, things are diverse, these should compare the real story, also can let a serious history has a funny side, can add fun to read, can also be alert to is responsible earnestly, generally one in particular will decide the fate of the others.