The qing dynasty was the old barber contortionists: newborn baby shave hair shaved head to the dead

there are four main skills: the qing dynasty was the old barber shave hair, comb plait, and of the amount of ears back rubs

the old barber in the qing dynasty, in order to one-sided enthusiasm for business facilities. However, they no longer get along with you string lane street business, but concentrated in a fixed place of business, a lot of people have a two talents.

end the massage is one of the arts in the qing dynasty was the old barber. No matter you sleep because neck stiffness and neck pain, cold headache or waist pain due to fatigue, after the old barber’s end, both quickly and even more comfortable.

so, the qing dynasty of the old barber called no pulse, no prescription of doctor. They only knock at acupoints and pain, pat, rub, rub, push, take, end, have curative effect.

erect, especially the end to make the customer sat on the stool, hd standing behind the customer, hands held the customer two axillary from side to side, and then, his left knee against the customer’s hips, MengJin upward, with a drink at the same time & other A: hi! Throughout the &; The customer suddenly a surprised, the waist & other; Cha & throughout; A loud, suddenly the whole body sweating, four segments.

to treat neck felt fine, they make the customer sat on the stool, the shoulder, rubbing the da-zhui acupuncture point, pushing arm muscle, then, the old barber holding a customer’s jaw, right hand hold the customer’s head, rocking gently around the head of the customer a few times, suddenly lifted his head up, & other; Cha & throughout; After a sound, the customer is the mind more freely.

they dig ear skills, but also a mystery. They in a bamboo tube filled with all kinds of bamboo ear, goose down fur brush size, copper wire, copper twisted ear hair knife, small screwdriver, clip, etc.

ear, with twisted ear hair knife twisted to the customer’s hair, and then use ear fine digging, with a small clip clip out, with a screwdriver on thin out my wallet, with copper wire play a shot in the ear, played ear & other; Buzz throughout the &; , in the end, with velvet sweep net, customers feel whole body uncomfortable. Some customers have to sleep in the ear, is really comfortable.

a braid, customer if too much hair, braid crude not good-looking, the old barber gave the customer the braid small and exquisite, customer if too less hair, braid, hd can give hair to customers or wrapped in black silk, braid small, shiny and smooth, just right. A braid generally need twelve COINS, and spend a DiaoQian.

to her newborn children shave hair, shave hair to the dead, is also the old barber’s talents.

please the old barber shave hair, generally at least also want to half a piece of the ocean, because the child is too small, the old barber to shave while coaxing the child don’t touch, is very laborious.

finished shaving hair, hd to compliment the customer a few words of English words: & other; Shaving hair, shave more more, people gain two flourishing, the gold. Throughout the &; Because this is the first time to shave hair, there is the meaning of baptism, a silver spoon in his mouth to a SanWuKuai oceans also don’t care.

they shaved for the dead, in general was to spend two yuan, rich family of four or five yuan, but also to his wallet with red paper, said geely.