The qingming festival on the painting “chief woman figure only arts exam: historical men

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the qingming festival on the painting “, are there any women?

visit electronic dynamic edition “qingming scroll” exhibition, suddenly feel strange, how to see all the way, are all men and children, the children, it seems that also is a boy. Thought he was going to see the leakage eyes, ask your family have to see. Before learning fashion sister said, she is looking for, because want to look at the women’s clothing, but did not find. A set of pictures, go straight to the exhibition last to see a child tugged, looks like a mother, but not particularly sure that’s a real mother, because the face is not very clear, the clothing is not significant.

at this point, with the child exclaimed: & other; B: yeah, yeah, dance that one upstairs. Throughout the &; Originally, in a restaurant in the same building with an upper, a window opens, night lights up when there is a fine waist of women, on the back of her plate very good-looking bun, through her, wearing the wide sleeve blouse, two arms and levelled up gently, like in the dance.

home to check information, information about painting “on the qingming festival very much, but mention clear little painting female characters in the data. Only find the official explanation, is extensive in Taiwan Palace Museum collection version painting of an article, clear mentioned among the four female characters: one is the upper part of the old woman dressed in dark winter jacket, lower body wearing trousers; There is a wearing cotton padded cap or package the bun; Have a woman riding a donkey curtain cap, & other; The curtain hat & throughout; With gauze hang next to the neck, cover face, should be to stop all the year round in the Yellow River sand; Finally a ship has sail, balcony upper a woman is drying clothes. Not sure these four women have appeared in the dynamic version, just to be sure, in the dynamic version, the only thing that can let a person remember the image of women, that is the dancing in restaurant, seems to be the woman in entertaining others.

if the qingming festival on the painting “really reflects the song dynasty city & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Real style of bian city, the women at the time of life, it is more like we read & other; Three steps is not out of the door of a boudoir & throughout; A description, in addition to the older women, in addition to is & other; Drying clothes & throughout; Does the housework woman, only can enter the public view of women, only the position is not high professional artists & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; A woman dancing. No wonder some people say that history is the product of the male world, women will emerge in the history, feminine beauty, if not to leave a name, not imaginary women general of Yang family type of person, is the royal noble concubines, and so on moves in the power of the male side of those thankless disaster for beauty and poor tragic character. IfengLogo (Agnes lam)