The queen mother and I had the dowager exotic lover publisher of sex is very real

graham earnshaw

one hundred writing the queen mother and I had died by 69, the British eamon DE & middot; , but Sir, is described in the book in the form of autobiographical memoirs detailed author walls between Beijing and during 4 years of sexual relations. The Chinese simplified version in domestic market, in January sparked controversy. Is real history or masturbatory story? It is understood that the book’s overseas copyright man graham earnshaw in the Oxford University library in the 1970 s found the manuscript of the book. Reporters recently by the publishers, to take the lead in the published book of British overseas copyright person Mr Graham earnshaw E-mail interview.

Mr Graham earnshaw specimen Graham, in the Chinese name & other Taking & throughout; Name is from when he was in Hong Kong cantonese enlightenment teacher’s last name, & other; Case article & throughout; Is still keep in touch by the met in 1997, Mr Jin yong. He has worked in news editor and journalist, or a writer, translator and he translated of jin yong’s martial arts novels “ShuJianEnQiu record”, now in Shanghai. He knew deeply about the history of China, mandarin and cantonese is very fluent. He also attempts to creation, and the current record has been successfully issued two powers fencing.

reporter: how did you met the queen mother and I to this manuscript?

graham earnshaw: for the first time I heard there is a book in the 1970 s, and then it took many years to find the book. Finally, I finally found the manuscript of the book in the Oxford University library. The manuscript itself is a mess, have three versions. Between versions exist in many places, and the manuscript is not complete. We spent two years preparing for the publication of the manuscript.

reporter: why do you want to translate the book?

graham earnshaw: from the perspective of today in the 21st century, this book, we can only say that we are unable to judge its true and false. But what is certain is that he, however, it is absolutely opportunities and know the people he mentioned conditionally, definitely may also experience some of the things he mentioned. There is a great book controversial. This is the only one in the first person to describe history in late qing dynasty. If the man be able to fictional story, so finally it absolutely is imaginative genius.

reporter: the truth about the history of book description, in particular, the author claims to be empress dowager exotic lover, do you believe?

graham earnshaw: I cannot prove it, however, is lying. In the chaos of the s, like him a fluent in Chinese and foreigners manchu is relatively easy to enter the qing dynasty palace. Chinese emperors often use sex as a way to show their power, of course, she is no exception.

reporter: Chinese readers to denounce or rejection of the book, as a publisher, do you think?

graham earnshaw: if the book has a which part is very true, it must be about sex. I think about sex description is very interesting in the book, not so disgusting as some people think. Don’t deny that everyone is different. If they don’t want to read, it is also good. We are looking forward to the publication of this book will lead to greater discussion, debate and debate.