The real production is very stingy, for with the prime minister all exclusive

production is when the tang dynasty empress wu of etiquette, under the hype of TV series, all know he is the embodiment of the wise and impartiality. In fact in the history of evaluation is quite high for him. Because of his integrity. But he is not perfect, and some small regret letting a person.

it is said he has a hall aunts have, in the afternoon Bridges the villa, dee renjie respected her. A snowy day, production to the aunt hall and see cousin hunting, the hunting of wild animals all over the floor. Judge dee said, I am now lucky enough to be a prime minister, cousin what are you going to do if, can say with me. That means, as long as you open a mouth, sit to arrange a work is a cinch. Don’t want to have ungrateful, said, I will only this one son, independ, and to serve this one woman is enough, I don’t want him to wait on another woman.

aunt hall of knowledge is limited, don’t know about the production and attended wu zetian noble.

the other thing is also some appetite. Production and LouShiDe moving in as prime minister at the same time, production all rejected, not only one day. But LouShiDe always endure, everywhere concede. Wu zetian look not to the past, one day say to the judge dee, I so reuse you, do you know why? Dee renjie arrogant to answer: & other; Minister in the article on the straights, mediocre YinRenChengShi. Throughout the &; Wu zetian was silent for a long time, just say, I don’t really know you, you are able to have today, it is LouShiDe recommended. Then ordered about basket suitcase, finding out the dozen recommended list. Production, the original is LouShiDe recommended, immediately to malaysians. Out of the later, he unknowingly send sighed: & other; I thought was LouGong so inclusion, and the LouGong is never in front of me to show and decoration of color. Throughout the &;

before a period of three people: aunt hall, dee renjie, cousin; After a while and three people: wu zetian, LouShiDe, production. Have on two things, the production is not good. LouShiDe contain not dew, wu zetian bearing. Production has done poorly fire, not only sets out and stingy.