The relics found the earth civilization aliens ever visit 300 million years ago

according to & other; The voice of Russia & throughout; Radio news on January 24, the Russian far east coastal region relics discovered the earth civilization. Al Qiao M city residents dmitry found a strange object in the coal.

according to the report, from Russia dmitry Siberian khakassia coalfield, one of the largest coal mine coal bought a car. When he got a bucket of coal burning stove into the home ready to found that the size of a cigarette in a coal. He said: & other; At first glance, I thought that the miners joke, the metal into the coal, but a closer look, metals and coal are long together. Throughout the &;

dmitry immediately and darfur’s gore nearby city of Russia and the world famous UFO expert DE Wu Ri, ney made contact. The expert specialising in collecting evidence of aliens visited the earth.

scientists found this to be a mechanical deformation of the parts, like rack. He sends his collection to st. Petersburg institute for nuclear research, the scientists concluded that using artificial metal objects, material is pure aluminium with 3% magnesium. The rack of the carbon is 40% to 70%. Under modern conditions, aluminium is made of electric heating method, which could never have carbon, like coal, which means that the parts under stratum buried in three hundred million. During this long time of carbon diffusion into the aluminium parts.

this means that the parts can’t be made in human. Because not only people on the earth before three hundred million, even not a dinosaur.

DE Wu Ri er ney, according to the size of the copied the rack, as to research in what place to use it. He said: & other; It should be equipped with gear. The most interesting thing is, it is a big pitch, cannot be used at any of our places. Throughout the &; DE Wu Ri ney think, rack are alien civilization of technology creation, is likely to be of the space-time & other; Lost property & throughout; .