The republic of China: four noble’s female la ni wears pluvial and Eileen chang Lin huiyin along (FIG.)

for sunke second wife la ni wears pluvial

in yunnan mountain, bazi, three mile. Three place of the arrow the temple, five arrows of every temple, seven miles away, a bridge in the eight away a tower & hellip; & hellip;

these temple temple tata as chapter chapter JieGe song song, account and celebrate the building water long journey. When she is alive, many times to mention his father by water, being built in yunnan has not been to, she still remember my grandfather memory of puer tea, hometown mountains and beautiful south yunnan regional accents. This man was built in yunnan. The granddaughter of la ni wears pluvial water noble blue and light

she beautiful and stubborn, self-reliance and independence, she had to take his husband was born son of a house; Because of beautiful and independent, 13 years from 1935 to 1948, the woman, with the son of the then government of the republic of the dean of the legislative yuan sun fo have a marriage, or because of stubborn and strength of character, she finally with sunke so near.

to know la ni wears pluvial hong-tao li from yunnan writer first novel “the father of the nation’s miao king princess began. He first mentioned in the novel the sun, then tell everyone a yunnan jianshui is a miao juren, blue and light his granddaughter, called la ni wears pluvial is sun fo the second wife of the son of sun yat-sen.

writer hong-tao li, originally know la ni wears pluvial is a biography literature periodicals in more than 20 years ago, when the writers condemning the la ni wears pluvial, said to her was a bad woman, very few official data for her records, and up to the crisis of the republic of China almost completely forgotten. This is also prompted hong-tao li writing the novel “the father of the nation’s miao king princess in the first place.

by further mining and to seek, hong-tao li found that la ni life is extraordinary. Of which, la ni wears pluvial & other; Husband & throughout; , & other; Is the miao nationality women’s character, is also the era characteristics of surging ahead, she went ahead, at the time to make such a choice is not easy! Throughout the &;

& other; Miao king princess & throughout;

from the affinity for people to make her name & other; La ni & throughout;

to build water city, the local people known as the big test. On a white wall, & other; Learn throughout government shed & test; Four words very striking, the other side of the wall, engraved with a big red & other; List & throughout; Words. Nearby is since the Ming dynasty to the qing dynasty list checked for fame. In the list of the intensity, the name of a blue light, clear 11 years (1885), he was a high school juren.

in 1895, the rate of kang youwei and liang qichao, a thousands of juren petitioned the qing emperor guangxu, against the qing government signed with Japan in the sino-japanese war after the defeat of the maguan treaty. This remote land to build water would not silence. Blue light and water signed a five juren, took part in kang youwei leadership & other; The bus letter & throughout; . The annals office staff said: industry in jianshui & other; This period of history, in the building water lolipop 】 no one know no one knows all. Throughout the &;


for la ni wears pluvial Chronicles the former director of Zhang Shaoyuan said, he is Li Yongming came across a few years ago the writer’s book four noble strange women of the republic of China, began to check data, & other; Because of time, very long time to find more detailed information, but she’s built water & undoubtedly throughout; . La ni was listed in has not yet been published last industry in jianshui county annals & other; Build water celebrity & throughout; A bar.

& other; The bus letter & throughout; Blue light left his hometown after successive anhui buried hill, ying magistrate of a county chief. The book industry in jianshui account he & other; About filial piety, generosity of plural & throughout; , but the blue light in the specific industry in jianshui residence and ZuBie no records. Blue house descendant of whether someone is still under water? Build water’s former residence and where is it? So far no one knows.

His explanation is:

la ni wears pluvial water is grandfather approval, according to his grandfather had & other; Five generations throughout the officer &; Determined to build, la ni wears pluvial water is home. The yunnan part of south yunnan miao has put the Ming dynasty have general aquamarine as their ancestors.

“” industry in jianshui, la ni father LanShiXun brothers have participated in his early years, is a revolutionary party. Follow who engaged in the activities, such as the sun and the beiyang warlords in post, prominent at that time. La ni uncle LanJianXun graduated from yunnan JiangWu hall, served as a tea mug with the adjutant.