The republic of China “good sound” 3000 registrations Romance has been batch “voice too thin”

one day in 1931, a little girl walked into Shanghai bright moon club venue, sang a folk songs: & other; I have a mood ah, singing pull-out to slim ah & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; A song of the song, the girl looked at the examiner Li Jinhui nervously. Li Jinhui kindly said: & other; You have a good singing talent, just now the voice is too slender, as long as you work hard practice, in the future will have ambition. Throughout the &; This year only 12 years old girl romance is a famous singer in the future.

you might wonder, this scene with the present hot screen & other Throughout China’s good voice &; . Yes, during the period of the republic of China, students to & other; Good sound & throughout; Actor, also need to the & other Mentor & throughout; The inspection. So, when & other Good sound & throughout; How do you choose? In addition to the draft, & other; Students & throughout; And which way out?

3000 registrations audition

picked one ing ing wu

during the period of the republic of China & other; Good sound & throughout; Selection process with broadly similar now, the biggest difference is that the media is not a TV, but radio stations.

radio recruitment singer, ing ing wu & other; Did difficulties & throughout;

during the period of the republic of China, listening to the radio station is one of the major entertainment way of life. In order to cater to the tastes of the audience, the then broadcast radio stations like some pop music of relaxed and happy. One day more than a dozen file section, there are always a few fixed time belongs to the music. The music is how to? Sometimes play records, ready-made sometimes please come big stars on the show, and is recruiting some not famous but with star dream to sing on the radio, and sing.

in 1941, Shanghai has a radio station wants to hire such singing in hand, it announced the recruitment information.

3000 people signed up for the audition, first try admits only 300 people; And then the cruel into 10, 300 in the second-round exam just left 10 people; Finally, the runoff of 10 into 1, only one girl left behind. The lucky girl named Wu Jianqiu, renamed ing ing wu after admission, at the station on the road to her music.

& other; Ing ing wu for 4 years in the station’s singing, has been deceiving his parents. She belongs to the middle class in the home, father is an engineer, mother is a doctor, my daughter & lsquo; Seller & rsquo; In their view is decency. Ing ing wu later mother first perceive, but he couldn’t help the cry of the daughter, had to help to conceal. Who knew that her father was also a music lover, inadvertently bought ing ing wu records, things exposure. Mother knows her daughter likes music, help appealed to his father, and the storm subsided. Throughout the &; Film historian, Zhao Shi hui, a researcher at the Chinese pop music history, told reporters.

ing ing wu enjoy singing, talent, nice, red up soon. She recorded the first album called “I want to forget you, is a master pop Li Jin light work. This record sales even more than the music at that time the most red romance and yao lee. In 1946 and 1946, her generation record company signed a contract, be capable of star, the company is called & other; Nasal queen & throughout; .

& other; Lead & throughout; Romance was radio competition second prize

in the 1930 s and 40 s, radio is very much, in Shanghai alone there are dozens of, not famous people not only to accumulate popularity through it, through which famous people also want to increase their exposure. For instance, we all know & other; Lead & throughout; Romance.

in 1932, the troupe romance into the bright moon, and with a “national light budding. In 1934, she joined in the party of the big evening news & other; Radio star throughout the campaign &; .

& other; Election process is somewhat similar to public judges vote now. Throughout the &; Zhao Shi hui said: & other; First published in the newspapers and radio news, campaign starting in May, probably more than a month after the deadline. Meanwhile, singers, line in a radio studio, listener by phone classics, and then send the newspaper, the vote will newspaper published the vote that day every day. After the election, cumulative votes, with the most votes is the champion. Throughout the &;

when the game top three fewer votes are: first, mistbow (the moon) 9103 votes; Second, romance (xinhua) 8876 votes; Third, Wang Manjie (voices) 8854 votes. Romance just a second, but the song is by the media as & other; If Jin Di & throughout; Thus obtained & other; Lead & throughout; The title.

and mistbow won the first place, thus laid a singer champion status, received & other; M. broadcasting & throughout; The title.

in 1940, & other; Film giant & throughout; Mid-term to form a film company, introducing mistbow, starring she four films, and & other; Each piece will be throughout song &; , has sung the “FIG” episode “buried jade”, “the island during the spring and autumn” episode “dance of spring”, “the end of time” episode “water” and so on, give full play to the advantages of her singing, her singing with her in the cinema, spread everywhere. Her life, she recorded more than one hundred albums, singing all over at home and abroad.