The ring gone after 16 years in the home on the carrot “long” (figure)

Swedish women on their cultivation of carrot Lena found the lost 16 years of a wedding ring.

Beijing, Jan. 2 (xinhua) according to the media reported, a Swedish woman who lost her wedding ring, 16 years ago and she last October when unexpectedly found in carrots grow in your garden this ring, is really let her dumbfounded.

it is understood that in 1995 Christmas Lena lost her platinum wedding ring in the home. She had to ring off on the kitchen counter, then the ring is missing. Lina went through almost every corner of the house, even the floor lift up, also didn’t find the ring. She would have given up hope of finding it again.

is in October last year, when picking carrots in our garden Lena, surprisingly found that she lost the ring is one shining on the radish. The speculation, the ring that is possible to sneak into the fertilizer or home sheep feed, finally entered the garden soil, because the garden soil all come from the home and sheep dung compost.