The rock singer “animal roars at fellow players work” break three glasses The king has taken the world roar

the first Chinese American rock singer and singing coach jamie & middot; Wind, 13 in hunan yueyang junshan island island exhibition & other; The animal roars at fellow players work & throughout; , with up to 100 decibels of aria broken by continuous three tall glasses, and awarded by the organizers and other Throughout the world roar king &; The title.

on the same day, jamie & middot; More than 10 Chinese folk wind and & other; Loud voice & throughout; Joined in hunan province by the apparent live events roar king battle junshan island love island in the world. After more than an hour after the contest, except the wind pulling, including the longest can roar of nearly 90 seconds, sounds up to 120 decibels & other; Throughout China’s roar king &; Xue-dong li, the voice frequency 1200 hz & other The female version of vitas & throughout; Hai-yan zheng challenge other players are failure.

at about 11:00, firm ponytail, keep the beard wind pull the last one to the challenge. He picked up the after several round & other; Sonic work & throughout; Is still a strong glass on his lips, the right hand knock on the glass, after listening to the sound, he let out a bobo aria. Soon, the glass is broken in the high notes, let the wind and the audience got a fright.

& other; In fact, I still try, it doesn’t grasp on stage. Throughout the &; Although the wind pull had several seismic record of broken glass, but in the success of the environment so quickly let he couldn’t believe it.

is because the glass before after several rounds of noise impact, itself is weak? Questions in front of an audience, wind decided to challenge again. In the vocal & other Dolphin sound & throughout; , broken by wind pull and continuous flushed two glasses, let everybody take orally.

the acoustics expert analysis, broken by wind pull the glass may be the secret of his vocal percussion action before, & other; By playing on understand the frequency of the cup, then issue the same as the frequency of the sound, to form a resonance, so this is not big than sound & throughout; . Before this also explains despite player sounds up to 130 decibels, the glass still unscathed.

in 2005, in the United States and other Exploration & throughout; Channel show MythBusters, jamie & middot; Wind with his voice broke a glass, for the first time to prove the correctness of the individual voice could shatter glass. The