The SEC accused of Mr Madoff’s former employees help commit fraud

xinhuanet Washington, June 6 (reporter Yang building) the U.S. securities and exchange commission (SEC) 6, issued a statement, accused the United States financial swindler Bernard & middot; Mr Madoff’s investment securities company long-term employees Eric & middot; Lipkin help madoff and the implementation of the company history of the nation’s largest & other; Ponzi scheme & throughout; .

lipkin join madoff investment securities company in 1992, as Mr Madoff’s senior assistant, responsible for the company’s salary management. The SEC said in more than ten years, lipkin help madoff defrauded investors and mislead the investigation of Mr Madoff’s fraud auditing and regulatory agencies.

the SEC alleges, lipkin forged account holdings, investors and deal with some of the employees’ payroll records, in Mr Madoff’s implementation of the play a role in the false investment scams. Lipkin, meanwhile, also help clients’ madoff prepared a false report, to deceive and mislead regulators. To that end, he from Mr Madoff’s profit of $720000.

the SEC’s New York regional director George & middot; Inside the card luo said: & other Lipkin help made detailed and completely false transactions and business records, thereby helping to madoff scam, succeed. Throughout the &;

madoff, 72, a former nasdaq stock market chairman of the board of directors of the company. He through its investment in securities companies, high returns to lure investors, and later investors’ money to pay earlier investors, creating the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. As the 2008 financial crisis, Mr Madoff’s spread, he acknowledged that with the help of & other; Ponzi scheme & throughout; To defraud the victim billions of dollars, after being sentenced to 150 years in prison. Previously, there have been many madoff’s former employee alleged.