The septuagenarian weng three refers to grip 16 jins pen to write the book 1.8 meters large back up like a gun

old man lot of writing Chinese characters. Photography XiaoYan

our reporter XiaoYan interns RongJing

in 2005, xuzhou area Chen Xingrui homemade 13 kg pen to write Chinese characters, and can use both hands to five fingers of giant pen small to 10 centimeters of words and word is too big to 1.8 meters, this & other; The invention & throughout; Set the record of calligraphy in domestic. And in changchun also have such a talented man, he used the pen to join & other; Ink & throughout; After weighing up to 16 jins, or with three refers to hold a pen to write with.

s weng three refers to grip 16 jins ChongBi wrote the book

5 in the morning, the reporter in nanguan district in taoyuan street dongda village 10 long source community building downstairs met the & other; Man & throughout; . His right hand holding a large brush, along with the steps backward, written under the ground in showing a pair of couplets: baishan blackwater Song snow ice, north scenery jiangnan. The old man looks very thin, is less than 1.7 meters, but in the hands of large above his head.

the old man called dina liu, the 71 – year – old, often at ordinary times in the books written in the park. This season due to the low temperature, he’d choose in their own practice downstairs.

the old man said his pen with 16 jins weight, a lot of people don’t believe, when a big ye to come up with a buy vegetables & other; Portable scale & throughout; Weigh & other; Large & throughout; Later, scales indicates the needle & other 16 & throughout; The words and make everyone stunned.

dina liu said, his ghost is 12 & other; Cans & throughout; Welded together, also put the counterweight iron penholder, written is a normal brush head. Large amount of 1.75 meters high, light a penholder is 12.5 pounds, will inject pen as & other; Ink & throughout; Tap water, just 16 jins. When he was writing, only three fingers holding pen, but also can write with either hand.

brush & other; Throughout the drip &; Back up like a gun

into the dina liu old man’s home, at first glance is all kinds of brushes and greatly small words. Reporter saw beside the shelf of the old man, there is a special pen rack, pen rack is he hanging clothes, in order to make pen rack withstand the individual ChongBi weight, he changed his pen rack fixed on the wall of the nails for the steel bar. Pen on the shelf, light pens and there are many different kinds of stainless steel tube, red pine, cans welding, and detergent bottle connection. He in order to better distinguish between pen, also specially in the penholder posted as & other; 3000 g & throughout; & other; 5000 g & throughout; & other; 8000 g & throughout; The weight label.

dina liu said that he initially and also a lot of books written in people, every day in the park with ordinary big brush to write characters. To save the time for writing brush dips in water and his special storage bottle hanging at the waist, then written on with a infusion is connected to the writing brush, but also can adjust the size of water at any time.

to make ChongBi more convenient to carry, dina liu a refill of the pen back straps. As long as go out with this pen, he is like a gun, let pen & other; Throughout his shoulder &; .

in an hour a day doing instrument movement

is to increase the strength of the hand

dina liu said that he began in 2001 to write a book at the same time, every day to do an hour of exercise equipment, including the suspension loop, the horizontal bar & parallel bars practice, such as down, is project he will practice every day.

before making equipment movement, dina liu will jog 1500 meters. The very beginning, he can only write with a pen of 2 catties, gradually 6 jins, 8 kg, 10 kg, finally until 16 jins. These achievements are effective instrument exercise every day. & other; Every time I write Chinese characters, wrist activity at first, if it holds a pen to write directly, the arm will be hurt. Throughout the &; Dina liu said, if you don’t exercise, he was afraid of a while can’t carry that big.

want to meet in changsha 30 jins ChongBi calligrapher

dina liu said: & other; I’ve heard of xuzhou Chen Xingrui with 13 jin pen write, and, I’ve always wanted to more than him, now I realized. Throughout the &;

in November 2010, have been media reports, in changsha, hunan province have a calligrapher named yue-jin Yang, write with a pen of 30 kg. On July 20, 2010, yue-jin Yang was invited to the expo & other; Hunan weeks & throughout; Intangible cultural performances. & other; I am 71 years old, is strengthening exercise, if there is an opportunity, I want to meet yue-jin Yang, more think more than he a lot of weight! Throughout the &; Dina liu said yue-jin Yang ChongBi should is the heaviest, but is not the same, yue-jin Yang brush pen is simple, and his pen is & other; Tap water & throughout; ChongBi. In the process of many years practice ChongBi, dina liu also invented a small poem.

& other; I called the ChongBi & lsquo; The well & rsquo; Is oblique, match. Throughout the &; Dina liu said, the content of the poem is: the earth is water as ink, paper be born brightness is tasted the joy; About to take off for a moment, edify sentiment the healthy body.