The some brand Zhen Huan white gelatin is net friend: quickly delete ads

play more than 10 mentioned & other; The company throughout the &; , the original is not frequent, anhui satellite TV said will consider late the silencing


the biography of Zhen Huan includes Zhen Huan, temperature cure too much, and so on, on different occasions mentioned the effectiveness of the company, let a person have to doubt this is ads.

harem drama “zhen 嬛 biography since March 26 in anhui TV and Oriental TV, broadcast for half a month, the top two ratings ranks the TV. With the deepening of the plot, however, this is & other; No dead Angle of 360 degrees & throughout; A well-made, fascinating plot GongDou plays, but to look out of the critical audience & other; Corner & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The some brand gelatin in the queen mother, the palace the mouth of the Lord, ladies cure too much for more than ten times, its brand & other; A woman’s vicissitudes of life throughout the epic &; Slogan of the palace, became about & other; Gelatin throughout a variety of utility &; Drama, and even some netizens called, simply change the title to the harem biography of gelatin and forget it. For this kind of situation, anhui satellite TV said will be dealt with in the late “as.

the book did not frequent gelatin

the Zhen Huan biography since its premiere, continued to build the palace, with the old model is famous for its complete lines, and drama as well as the exquisite luxury of palace magnificently, the qing dynasty with the etiquette, about palace diet, medicine, etc, are also very delicate fastidious, & other; Huan should be sweet & throughout; , & other Shu scar gel & throughout; , & other Cassava powder & throughout; , & other Oleander SAP & throughout; All sorts of spices, such as flowers and plants class the use of cold knowledge, is to let the audience eyes.

however, attentive audience also found that, in the play, palace of personalities often referred to as the universal guardian, it is & other; The company throughout the &; . It first appeared, it is in the ninth episode of eyebrow after HuaFei is pushed into the water, visiting JingFei let the maid to do & other; Throughout the company longan soup &; To fill body, zhuang eyebrow HuaFei and then have good stew & other; Throughout the company longan soup &; Please go the emperor; The eunuch Su Peicheng brought Zhen Huan emperor reward, bearing & other; The company throughout the &; The box of emblazoned; Fang if for the first time to the sweet dew temple to visit 嬛 son, postpartum recuperation from drugs and other The company throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip;

according to incomplete statistics, the play there are ten & other; The company throughout the &; Lines, both the emperor treats, and give each other between the empress, or miscarried, aftercare body, harem the lily company is absolutely everything. Some netizens concluded: & other; The biography of Zhen Huan & ndash; & ndash; The company to how much money you sponsor! Are travel, home, small, prenatal postpartum tonic, ziyin impotence, of giving bribery, good! Throughout the &; In fact, the original is not so frequent use of donkey-hide gelatin, cure too much at the beginning of wen shi is ginseng to Zhen Huan recuperation body, not the company, HuaFei nor is designed for the emperor made gelatin longan soup, but the purple and pheasants soup.

sixty percent netizens hope bowdlerize advertising

the modern drama, the family ethics play ads, people have normal, but can be advertising in costume dramas, really need & other; Professional & throughout; . According to reporter understanding, the company the indeed for the enrollment 嬛 biography advertising dollars spent ten million yuan, has achieved a very good advertising effect, the temperature of cure too much & other; Activing blood in the company to be effective throughout the &; And accidentally became a classic sentence, more interesting jokes about gelatin in white-collar between: & other; Colleague a: & lsquo; This few days to see “biography of Zhen Huan saw all can’t sleep. & rsquo; Colleague b: & lsquo; You should eat in the company of a lot more body! & rsquo; Throughout the &;

in addition, the net friend also pointed out that the mention of the peach blossom, musk, blood, and her white YanDou suspected an advertisement. For the enrollment 嬛 biography so & other; Abuse & throughout; The company, the relevant person in charge of the producers responded: & other; The company itself is also a kind of medicinal food, and aftercare body in ancient palace is used. General TV will have ads, “zhen 嬛 biography Middle East e-jiao o the number of occurrences of and does not affect the opera scene. Throughout the &;

reporter contacted Fang Anhui broadcast TV, again, said an official with the related & other; Anhui satellite TV in television advertising has been too much disagree, because if an implanted advertising play too much or too obvious, will certainly be a big impact on ratings. Throughout the &; The anhui satellite TV broadcast in the golden wind and rain, also because of the ads play too much, when a delete ads, almost with the producers in court. Anhui satellite TV, said an official with the ads in the biography of Zhen Huan such as delete painstakingly, will inevitably affect the integrity of the play, & other; We have on weibo to invite friends to vote, audience will late to remove to collect feedback after its conclusion. Throughout the &; To the press, there are sixty percent of netizens hope to bowdlerize ads.